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You need to purchase a replacement switch. Installation is easy, remove the door panel and it pops right in.

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Q: How would you fix the side mirror adjustable piece if it has broken off on a 1999 VW beetle?
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When disassembling a Jetta mirror the piece must be removed from the vehicle by unscrewing the mounting screws. When off the mirror can be detached and clean, or replaced for a bigger unit.

How to remove only the side mirror and not the housing from a 2004 Tahoe?

The mirror will pop out of the housing. It is very difficult to do but it can be done. If yours is broken I would recommend buying a new housing and mirror off eBay. If you can find just the mirror you are lucky. Anyway, the back of the mirror looks like plus sign +. The mirror is attached using 4 screws that are on the tips of the +. To move the mirror the motor screws in or out. Move the mirror to the extremities and the pry each side out one by one. If you pull hard enough on the mirror you can get the screws to come out. So...if you are lucky enough to find a mirror then you will need to be lucky enough not to completely strip the motor when you pry out the mirror. It's really easier to install a new mirror I promise. To install a new mirror just remove the triangle piece on the interior and then unbolt and disconnect the wiring.

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You have to remove the plastic piece in the inside of the car which will expose the bolts to tighten the mirror

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