How would you go about emancipation for a minor who's parents who mentally abuse them steal their money and don't financially support them in the state of Missouri?

Missouri does not have laws that allow a minor to be emancipated. The best option in cases of neglect and/or physical abuse is to contact the Missouri Department of Children's services at 1-800-392-3738. Be advised that neglect and abuse are defined as a minor child not having adequate food, shelter, health care, clothing and such necessities and/or physical injuries. There are no laws in the state that say parents must supply financial assistance other than cited above (necessities). In regards to "stealing money" from a minor child, the funds would need to have been held in a trust or a joint bank account in the minor's name and an adult as the conservator/joint holder. Mental abuse is widely defined and is not necessarily seen as cause for social service agencies to intervene in parent-child relationships.