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Depends which doors...

Commonly, the front door lock units suffer broken wires in the door-to-body loom. Remove the door lock switch and make sure power is being applied to all three terminals on operation and that the relay is clicking. Remove the door panel, locate the two wires to the lock solenoid and confirm voltage present on switch operation. If you have voltage when working the switch then the solenoid is bad - no voltage then check the continuity of the wiring between door and body.

Rear doors - same principle but it's usually the solenoids that go bad first.

2010-01-07 18:41:07
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Q: How would you go about troubleshooting two out of the four power door locks that do not work on a 1988 Chevy Suburban?
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Mirrors Locks (MIR LKS). The fuse is for the power mirrors and power locks on the vehicle.

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Yes you can and you will feel the difference in power .

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I don't knw do any of u's knw wt it is

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i just got my 88 beretta gt 2 days ago and it is great!to answer your question,yes the 88 etta gt does have power windows and locks

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The same thing has happend to my 1995 Suburban. Ive googled the problem only to find that it may be the fuse, or the switch itself is bad. Hope this helps.

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Troubleshooting a stall condition should include the following systems. If electrical the battery, alternator and starter should be first checked. Fuel and ignition system problems include the plugs, coils, wires, injectors and pump.

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The best way is to siphon the old out and pour new in.

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How do you put the pulley back on the power steering pump on a 1990 suburban

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