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How would you know if a leak is coming from your crank seal?

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Spots of oil in the driveway.

2015-07-15 19:38:19
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Q: How would you know if a leak is coming from your crank seal?
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How do you know where the leak is coming from?

well you look up from where the leak is coming from or the wear the water is dripping from and their you go you fond out wear the leak is.

What would cause a crank seal to leak on a 1990 Mitsubishi montero ls 3.0 liter v6 engine?

AnswerCheck the crank pully bolt. If it has come loose you will have a leak.The crank pully bolt does not have anything to do with the crank shaft seal leak. Thebolt is independent of the seal. To replace seal remove crank shaft pully and you will have access to crank shaft seal, pull out & replace seal.

What would cause a front crank seal to leak on a 1990 Mitsubishi montero 3.0 liter v6 engine?

A loose crank pully retaining bolt will make it leak.

1992 dodge spirit 2.5 liter and had the timing belt replaced and on the front of the engine i had an oil leak what would i need to replace i think the leak was coming from the main crank shaft?

You probably need to replace the crankshaft seal

How do you fix an oil leak on a Chevy 4.3L V6?

We need to know where the source of the leak is coming from to answer that one.

1999 dodge caravan oil leak?

I am also dealing with a oil leak from a 2000 dodge caravan. Common problems seem to be valve cover and oil pan gaskets or crank seals. What is the engine size? First thing is to clean all the oil off and identify where the leak is coming from. For instance I found the leak on my 3 liter is coming from my front crank seal, now i just need to find some clear instructions on the right way to change it. GL

What is better a one piece crank or a two piece crank?

one piece does not leak as bad

How do you repair an antifreeze leak in 2002 s10 4.3?

It would depend on where the leak is coming from. Give us more info.

Would a fuel pressure regulator leak gas into the crank case?

Depending what year, make and model you have, yes.

How do you fix a toilet supply value leak?

Wouldn't that depend on the type of toilet valve and where the leak is coming from that would dictate the type of repair?

How do you fix a water leak on a 1988 Grand Marquis if you don't know where its coming from?

have someone sit in car and spray it down with a garden hose to find leak

What is the cost to fix an oil leak?

Depends entirely where the leak is coming from.

Where would a leak be coming from on a 1992 Jeep Wrangler 4-cylinder you have checked all hoses and they are fine The leak is coming somewhere near the top of engin and toward the pasenger compartment?

Heater core?

How do you know where water is coming in from on the driver side floor of Porsche boxster?

Usually caused by leak in heater coil.

Can a crank shaft sensor leak oil?

Yes, if it is a sensor that goes into the block.

What would cause oil to drip on a 96 town car?

Not being curt but you have an oil leak. Can be any number of places the leak is coming from. If you crawl under the car with w flashlight you will more than likely see where it is coming from.

Why would there be white smoke coming from the hood of a 1999 Hyundai Accent GS?

Overheating or coolant leak.

Why is the crank seal coming dislodged on 2003 Hyundai elantra 2.0L?

Crankshaft thrust bearings worn / dislodged allowing crankshaft to walk back and forth. Seal is pushed out the front of engine and creates Huge oil leak. By this point, the bearings,crank , and possibly block , have be damaged.

What are the symptoms of oil coming from a front crank shaft seal on a Buick Century?

There is a seal to seal the pan to the block. This seal goes out mostly do to lack of oil changes. Change oil then add a stop seal leak additive that closes off the leak with no harm to the engine. It works!

Why do water leak before coming to your house?

Because there is a leak in the pipe of the water main.

How do you know where a coolant leak is coming from?

Climb underneath and look around. Yea, it's pretty low tech, but if you see traces of green or brown deposits, that's where the leak is running down.

What will keep a beretta from staying crank?

will it be the outer air close sensor or the intake will have a leak in it

How do you Stop leaks on convertibles?

In order to stop leaks on a convertible it is important to find out the source of the leak. For example, if the leak is coming from the radiator the common fix for that is to have the radiator replaced. A certified mechanic would be able to locate the leak and provide a quote on the cost to fix the leak.

How much would it cost to fix a power steering leak on a 1998 corolla?

It would depend greatly on where the leak is coming from. Need more info.

What causes the engine to raves up and down on a 1986 mr2?

Generally it would be an unmetered air leak in the intake system. Or it could be a faulty crank/cam sensor