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The presence of black smoke from exhaust when engine is first fired.That sign could also be an engine running too rich.

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Q: How would you know if your cars engine is burning oil?
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How do know when alternator is bad?

If your talking about cars... If you smell a burning smell, or your red battery light comes on then i would get your alternator checked out!

How do you know if a cars engine is going to blow?

You hear a KABOOM

Why would a car have power but the engine won't turn over?

i would see if you need a starter i would let someone that you know that know how to work on cars look at it or take it to a good shop because some shops don't know what their doing

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We now know that cars run by burning oil release carbon dioxide emissions that are causing global warming and climate change.

How would you know if you have blown head gaskets?

engine burning oil( white or blueish exhaust smoke ), water in oil, oil in water, water in exhaust.

How do I know which engine coolant to add to my vehicle?

All engine coolant is roughly the same but some are advertised for performance cars.

Why does distributor cap and rotor keep burning 350?

Need to know the year of engine to answer correctly.

How hard is it to replace disc brake pads?

If you know some of the basics on cars and know how to do like engine work or transmission work, you should not have a problem. I would suggest you go to a professional though.

What should a beginner know about non-working cars?

the basic understanding of the conbustable engine

How do you know if your catalytic converter is stopped up on your trailblaser?

If the converter is stopped up your engine will not run. cars that have a converter stopping up will have a different burning type smell. When you get your emissions checked, one of the items that is checked is the converter.

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How do you measure the speed in NASCAR?

They measure engine speed in RPM, but car speed in MPH. If you want to know how they know how fast the cars go from the stands or the officials' booths, that is what radar guns are for. Inside the cars, the speedometer tells how fast they are going, and the tachometer tells how fast the engine is running.

Do all Mazda cars have a rotary engine?

For all I know, for the RX8, about 1k or 10k of them were made a V6. All though if I remember correctley, one of Mazda's cars were not even produced with a rotary engine and I think it was called the Comet.

Were can i find the engine casting number on a Honda vtec engine my del sol has had a engine swap and i would like to know exactly what engine it is i do know its a sohc?

if its a 1.6 its a d16

How do you know if your clutch is going out?

You will smell it burning and your engine will slip as you pull away in first gear and while going uphill.

How does human activities exploit mining deforestation water burning of plastic bags smoking of cigarette and smoke from diesel cars?

I don't know, you tell me.

What cars have the same ignition as a 2004 grand am gt?

Need to know if it has a 2.2 L or the 3.4 L engine.

Does the radiator cap on a1996 Chevy Corsica have to be removed to add K and W engine block sealer?

I would doubt you would pour engine block sealer into coolant. More likely it would just need to be put in with the oil. Like lucas. I dont know your particular product. Depends also, are you leaking coolant, or burning it?

Where do you find the dip stick for transmission on a Mazda mx3?

It is important to know the layout of a cars engine. The dipstick for the transmission is found under the red capped tube in the engine.

Do those Cars need to know how to drive first before they can actually drive in the movie Cars?

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What is the average cost of a used car?

There is no real average as their is such a wide range of prices in used cars. I would think, based on what I know, that $10,000 would be about average.There is no real average as their is such a wide range of prices in used cars. I would think, based on what I know, that $10,000 would be about average.

Why does cars engine rumble when it starts?

Something is lose. I say that it might have a problem in chasis or make.CALL your dealer to know more :)

What does the warning light that looks like an engine mean on a peugeot 307?

It is important to know what the warning lights mean on a cars dashboard. The warning light that looks like an engine, is the Check engine light, it means there is a problem within the engine.

GM engine number. would like to know the history of motor?

where is the engine number located on the 5.6L GMC engine.