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How would you replace the passenger side view mirror on a 1992 Nissan Sentra GXE?

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2008-05-21 14:32:55
2008-05-21 14:32:55

If you want to replace the whole assembly, you will need to remove the door panel first and then remove the triangular cover that will allow you to access the screws that hold the side mirror. If you want to replace the glass only, you can pop out the mirror by inserting a screwdriver behind the plastic frame that holds the mirror at the bottom and lift it until the bottom part of the frame snaps out. You can then slide the frame downwards. Installation is the opposite

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Replacing the passenger side mirror on the Nissan Xterra involves prying the housing cover loose to expose the fastener. Gently popping out the mirror assembly and disconnecting the power connections. Now reconnection and attachment can be done.

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how do i replace drivers side mirror Nissan maxima 2005

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To remove the mirrors from you Nissan Sentra first remove the inside door panel. Pry the plastic mirror cover off of the mirror. Once this is done remove all of the nuts, bolts, or clips holding the mirror to the door.

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