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How would you say Teresa in French?

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Teresa is related to the French first name "Thérèse", but French people surely would use it as it is.

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You would say "Teresa tiene quince años."

It is the same :Teresa , you would say it something like Te-ra-sa

I'm sure Mother Teresa would say that God was her best friend.

ow would say LLAMAS IN FRENCH

To say sock in French you would say, chaussette. To say pants you would say pantalon, and to say shirt you would say chemise.

In order to say worker in French, you would say, travailleur. If you wanted to say boss in French you would say, patron.

In French, one would say "Il est" for "he is"

Actually, in French, you would say: I would love to studyFrench. (J'aimerais étudier le français.)If you prefer to say "I would love to take a French course" you could say "J'aimerais suivre un cours de français."

To say listen to me in French, you would say ecoutez-moi. To say I am listening, you would say Je suis a l'ecoute.

Je déteste le français.To say "I hate French" (as in the French language) in French, you would say, "Je déteste le français." If you want to say "I hate the French" (as in the French people), you would say instead, "Je déteste les français."

No, the proper title is the Missionaries of Charity. Informally, I suppose, Missionaries of Mother Teresa would be okay.

To say the word "I" in French, one would say "je."

"Obtenez le singe" is how you would say it in French.

To say "I would like..." in French, you would say "Je voudrais..." If you were to say "Je voudrais acheter..," you would be saying "I would like to buy..."

To say "of course I would" in French, say "bien sûr (que) je voudrais".

To say 'went on in' in French you would say qui se passait dans.

Hello in French is Bonjour Hi in French is Salut How are you is Ça va Bye in French is Au revoir To say "How do you say Hello?" in French, you would say "Comment dit-on bonjour?"

You would say "Cette semaine" Which means this week in french!

In French or En français - you would say, 'chaque'

The french would say : évite les problèmes.

in french you would say je parle gallois

To say "It is okay" in French, you would normally say, "Ça va."

"or" is translated "ou" in French.

Francais, this is the masculine form

"Spot on" in French would be "exactement."

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