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Replace the sending unit. Approx. $30 at parts store. I just replace one in my 1992 Wrangler. Requires a special socket ($12.)

you can also use Teflon tape and wrap the threads.

Rarely do the leak around the threads, replace it before it creates bigger problems.

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Q: How would you stop an oil pressure sending unit from leaking oil in a 1994 Jeep Wrangler YJ?
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1995 Jeep Wrangler oil pressure is very high 80 psi What could it be?

The oil pressure sending unit could be bad. Or the oil pressure gauge could be bad, but normally gauges don't fail............I would have someone check out the oil pressure sending unit.

Why would coolant leak through the vents in your jeep wrangler?

Leaking heater core

What if your 95 wrangler has oil leaking near gas tank I cannot figure out why oil would be leaking in this area anyway Where would this oil be coming from?

check your pinion seal

What would cause oil pressure to drop when idling in 2000 jeep wrangler?

Depending on mileage--could just be a sign of engine wear Remove oil sending unit and replace with mechanical gauge to determine actual pressure

Why would oil pressure gauge flicker?

Low oil pressure or a defective oil pressure sending unit.Low oil pressure or a defective oil pressure sending unit.

What would be causing a 1993 Audi 90s to have no oil pressure I took a pressure check on the oil sending unit and had no pressure But the pump is working and there are no clogged tubes?

If you checked the pressure with the sending unit in the car, it is possible the sending unit itself may be bad!

Why would the gas tank on a 94 Wrangler build excessive pressure?

1. The fuel pump may be going bad. 2. You dented your fuel line and the pump is making more pressure and sending fuel out the cap. 3. clogged fuel line. 4. clogged injector's

Would the oil pressure sending switch leak oil and then stop?

It developed an leak and then for whatever reason sealed itself. Replace the oil pressure sending unit.

Why would a z-28 you rock camaro have smoke coming up from the back of the engine?

Perhaps leaking valve cover gasket? Perhaps leaking oil sending unit?

Would the oil pressure sending unit if failing make the red oil light go on?

Yes, if the oil pressure sending unit is bad the oil light may come on.

How do you get the oil light to turn off on a 2003 Ford Escape?

Find out why it is on. The oil light being on may indicate low oil pressure. It may be nothing more than a bad oil pressure sending unit, but it may be more serious. You need to know why it is on. Check your oil level, and if it is full, I would look at the oil pressure sending unit and see if it is connected or leaking. If all looks good seek professional help.

Why would all the water leak out on a 1999 Wrangler?

You would have a leak in the coolant system somewhere and you need to have the system pressure checked.............

Why would your oil pressure read high?

bad sending unit, or bad regulator.

Why would gas be in the oil in 4.3 Chevy engine?

CFI ? The fuel pressure regulator could be leaking.

Where would oil be leaking from above the oil filter?

What kind of car and engine. These are required to answer the question 1994 Pontiac Boniville 3800 engine code L The oil pressure sending unit is located just above the oil filter, that is one possibility.

What would be Leaking antifreeze at front of engine on 2000 wrangler?

water pump leaking at seal hard lower radiator hose or loose clamp hardened or punctured bypass hose shrunken timing cover gasket thermostat gasket shrunken

What would cause a radiator water leak from under the hood if not hoses leaking?

maybe your radiator is broken and you need to get a new one or just get a reparation if the radiator starts leaking when is in use it may be leaking because of the pressure of the water.

Will the oil light stay on or off if you disconnect the oil pressure switch wire?

Why in the world would you want to do this? If the sending unit is defective then replace it. If the light is on you either have low oil pressure of the sending unit is bad. Low oil pressure will ruin your engine.

Why would the ac be leaking under the passenger seat in 2002 wrangler and how can you fix it?

the ac drain is stopped up locate under hood on passenger side on fire wall

What is the problem when there is anti-freeze leaking on the left front side of the engine?

Without seeing or pressure testing the system my most educated guess would be that the intake manifold is leaking.

What would cause the oil pressure gauge on your 1991 S15 jimmy not to work and how do you fix it?

Have you change the oil pressure sending unit, that's what I had to do. David

Why is your radiator leaking water?

the lead that goes to radiator came out, when l put back in would not hold and now leaking, water pressure was low and water is funny colour (kinda red)

Why does your well pressure tank make a whistle sound when the water is running?

There is an air fitting on the tank, where you can check the pressure on the one side of the diaphragm. Hold you hand over it and see if the air is leaking out here. If air is leaking out here, you need to get a tire valve tool and tighten the pin. If the diaphragm was bad, the tank would completely fill with water and this should not cause that sound. There is a pressure switch, and the plumbing lines, but if there where to whistle, you would see water leaking out.

WHAT WOULD CAUSE no oil pressure in my 944 turbo?

Indication? Bad sending unit. Bad gauge. Bad wiring between the two. Actual No Pressure? Leaking front crankshaft seal. Not enough torque on the crankshaft pulley bolt and the oil pump gear can slip (should be 190 ft/lbs I think). Worn pump gears, but this is rare.

Would a hard top from a 1998 Wrangler fit a 1994 Wrangler?

No, it will not.