How would you tell an uneducated person suffering from hunger and poverty that the world is a good place?

This is a very good question;  

Is the world a good place?  That's the real question. 
The earth was beautiful, and still is, but what is really wrong with the earth?

I don't believe there is any real evidence that education has been a good force for overall all of life or heath on earth.  It seems the more advanced we use technology the more we poison the earth with chemicals, atomic energy, dirty air, dirty water and make more and more diseases from our bad health habits. 
Now we poison foods in by making beans that have proteins we can't digest;  Genetically modified for profits. 

All of the so called educated and civilized countries, are reporting pandemic genetic diseases, STD's up 200% to 400% in 10 years,  and new viruses, and new genetic diseases that have never been seen before.  Now even the USA has a 10% rise in infant mortality in two years after 60 years of going down.
UK has 173% rise in breast cancer in 35 years.  

Whatever they are doing is OBVIOUSLY not working! 
The rise of genetic diseases far outweighs any other problem for human life we have today.  
See links below for these statistics. 

Humans have taken over the world and have simply failed utterly and completely to do anything but make the world a place that causes poverty and suffering with great distances between the rich and fat, and the suffering impoverished.  The standard of this system of humans is to create smaller groups of rich elites, and more and more mass of the population in poverty and hungry.  

Every Utopian idea has failed because humans are involved.  The small group of "Utopian" people eventually become corrupt by the power, money and prestige, and so the only things they do after a while is to govern with that emotional need for power as the only force for governing.  This has never failed in all of Human history.  No matter who is in government, greed and fear become the only "logic" of governing. 

I don't see much of good in humanity as a whole and humanity is in control of all this and cannot seem to overcome their own ignorance.  

Only humans are the cause of this.  And with all the good intentions they cannot overcome their inherent flaws of perception as a group.  

There have been so very few in all of time that have broken free of human ignorance and suffering. They try to teach and are often killed because they go against those who are in power and those in power would stand to lose their power, money greed, authority, out of fear of loss.  Right now the USA is in the grips of ignorant Utopian ideas that have always failed.  And yet people still want to try this. 

If someone were to come along and say we are going to make a new world government of peace love, healthy lifestyles, and understanding, they will be killed as they have always been killed. 

So far not one human authority has been able to unite humans and form a decent government, based on peace, love, understanding, healthy lifestyles, and giving to each other in need.  Never, not ever.  So, this really is impossible for humans to govern themselves as they have tried for thousands of years of recycling the same ideas that have always failed.

Yet there is always this idea of hope in humans that this new generation will win.  The only problem is: every generation has had the same ideas and hope that theirs is the one that will save the earth etc.     

This is obvious. There are no other types of creatures on this earth with the power to destroy all life as they seem to do.

We have 47000 creatures on the endangered list of species going extinct. Most of them are directly caused by human activities.

Humans seem to be opposed to their own species as well.   Even though science has absolutely clear evidence as to the cause of our genetic diseases and deformity, they refuse to do anything about it, because humans are now getting less intelligent and more sickly and emotional with every generation. (Prestigious professor of genetics at Stanford, Gerald Crapbtree's, information is linked below. )

Until humans can only follow a path of absolute adherence to morality they will never stop destroying the earth and causing poverty and hunger. 

Some of the happiest and most content people I have ever met in my travels in this world were tribal people. There were up to 4 generations living in one hut and they all were at peace with each other and cared for each other.  They had no education except for what they taught each other.  They believed in marriage for life and to support life, harmony of beliefs, and family.  

So, as you can see, religion has failed, human governments have failed, even the UN is failing because it is corrupt and people are stealing money that was supposed to go to starving people.   Socialism is failing in every country, because of the rapid rise of cancer, diabetes, heart diseases and some 17000 total genetic diseases, all caused by lifestyle choices.  

Our only hope is for a new start with new people, without these flaws.  Living under one government of peace, love and understanding.   

I don't see that ever happening.  Humans always  kill people who teach peace love, knowledge and understanding.  

You see anyone who teaches peace love and understanding or real science, is a threat to greed, lust, fear, power, desires, hate.   Those emotions seem to run the world, and as long as they do, humans will continue to suffer, no matter what their status. 

If you want a scientific understanding of the human condition based on absolutely irrefutable physical evidence, goto the links below.
The evolution science blog. 

Absolute Morality is that which promotes life, health and happiness.  Until we can do that and live by that code of ethics, we are doomed to fail.