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If you would at least tell us the manufacturer or retailer's name marked on the gun, I'd try. I would look through a few pages looking for a model number, but I'm not going to search through over 3000 pages looking for a number that will probably be found on at least a dozen totally different firearms.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-26 04:26:29
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Q: How would you tell how old your model 61-22 is?
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How old is a Winchester model 67a model 22slorlr?

built between 1934 and 1963. I would need pics to tell you more.

Colt pistol with the numbers 176821 can you tell me how old it is?

can you tell me the model ??????????

Who can tell me how old my rifle is?

Not if you don't give me any information like the model? or who made it. The caliber would also help.

How do you tell age of colt model 38 police positive serial 117424?

It would be 85 years old. Made in 1915.

How do you know how old your Ithaca gun is?

You can tell how old your Ithaca gun is by the model and serial number

Model 32 single shot 22 can you tell me how old this gun could be?

Maybe, but you have to tell us what MAKE. Not just the model. More than one compnay used "Model 32".

How can you tell how old a model 1907 351 cal. is?

Serial number

How old is this Western Auto 16 Gauge Revelation 350 A model shot gun.?

I can't tell you how old it is, but I can tell you it's a "Savage model 94D" made for Western Auto under the Revelation brand name.

Could you be able to tell me how old my baikal shotgun is?

If you email with the serial number and model, they will tell you.

How old is mi piano kimball serial B87215 model number 5100?

nobody can tell you that there would of been heeps of them made in different years

How can you tell how old marlin model 38 pump 22 is?

By the serial number.

Browning shotgun with serial number 37380NR Can you tell me what model it is and how old it is?


How old is Maytag model DWU7400?

That model was manufactured between the years of 1983 and 1996, you would need your serial number to determine the exact age of the appliance. If you have the serial number, you can call Maytag and they can tell you the age.

Can you tell how old Winchester model 12 gauge with serial 46551?

Your Model 12 was made in 1914, the 3rd year of production.

How do i tell how old my evinrude outboard is?

Evinrude and Johnson outboards decipher the year model of the engine, by use of the engine model number.

How can you tell how old your Stevens 410 model 59A is?

your stevens model 59A was made from 1938-1945,with a total production of 21,000.

Can you tell how old your Winchester model 12 is by serial number? has sn data

How old is your Winchester model?

Question cannot be answered as is. A model and serial number would be required.

How old is my Antique Tell model 3 air pistol?

The Tell Model 3 was made between 1936-1940 It has a unique cocking link above the air chamber. Approximately 50 were made

How do you tell how old your marlin model 783 is by the serial number?

The serial number will equate to a year.

How can you tell the model number on Hercules shotguns?

You will have to find old catalogs and compare pictures/features.

Can a doctor tell how old a scar is?

A doctor could not tell exactly how old a scar is, but he or she would be able to tell if it is a recent scar or an older scar. They may be able to tell approximately how old the scar is through testing.

How do you tell if you are old?

Some would argue that it (old age) is a state of mind.

Can someone tell you off the top of their head if the stocks or barrels from new Savage model 64s will fit on your old Winchester Cooey model 64b?


How do you tell how old a rifle is?

you can tell how old a rifle is buy finding who made the rifle,the model number and then the serial number.with that info then you could ask that question just like you asked this one.