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If your dates are off by only a few days it may be a bit early to see anything more than a sac. I hope your doctor has ordered another ultrasound in a few days to check if the embryo is growing.

2006-08-06 09:55:44
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Q: I've had 2 miscarriages in the past year Now I'm pregnant doc says im about 6 weeks pregnant can he be wrong Went for ultrasound didn't see much only sac the nurse said?
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You found out today you were 4 weeks pregnant the nurse at your job gave you an ultrasound said she seend blood around the sack she told you to come get another ultrasound next week what do you think?

Hello, Blood can be difficult to see on a ultrasound. Picture a ultrasound picture, the images are grey and hazy. Also if you are 4 weeks pregnant the pregnancy would not be visible on a ultrasound scan until you were 6 weeks pregnant. The only person who can accurately and thoroughly read a ultrasound is a Radiographer or a Obstetrician Doctor. I would make a appointment with your Doctor, have a pregnancy blood test performed and book a ultrasound scan for 2-3 weeks time. You need a quantitative beta HCG blood test to measure the level of HCG in your blood which will also tell you if your pregnancy is viable. Good luck.

Can a pregnancy be hidden in an ultrasound?

Do you mean can a baby be hidden in an ultrasound? if so, read my answer: sister was pregnant with twins but did not find out until she was seven months pregnant. All along it was assumed that she was only expecting one baby, until a routine ultrasound check up was done during a prenatal appt and the Nurse (not Doctor) saw more than one baby. Imagine the shock? Doctor missed the 2nd baby all along.

Ultrasound done 2 days ago the day you period was to start because you were having abnormal abdominal pain and they did not mention that you were pregnant Could you still be pregnant?

When you go to the hospital to have an ultrasound done no matter the case, they are not able to tell you anything about the ultrasound. (The technician) When you are seen afterward by the doctor or nurse or by the time of discharge they would absolutely tell you if you were pregnant, as well as how far along you are. So to answer your question if they didn't mention it, it is because you are not pregnant. You might not see a pregnancy until your hcg is at certain level. However, I would assume they would have done blood work and possibly a pregnancy test.

Can a school nurse tell a student's parents that she is pregnant?

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Can a nurse practitioner perform ultrasound exams?

NPs can perform ultrasound exams if trained to do so. Contact your state Board of Nursing for information on limitations and training requirements.

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What is the nurse called that does the ultrasound to find out if you are having a boy or girl?

They aren't nurses, they are sonographers. Ultrasounds are not the only thing they do.

How can you tell if the baby is a boy or girl when it is still in the mom?

By getting a nurse to give you a Sonogram. (otherwise known as Ultrasound)

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Can you take gravol when pregnant?

I am 4 months pregnant and my Nurse and OB said that Gravol is fine to take.

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Why do you have blood in your urine and you are not pregnant?

I am a nurse and you NEED to go get this checked out...If there is blood in your urine this is NOT normal.

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Is it safe to become pregnant after gallbladder surgery?

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How can you feel are hear the baby's heart beat?

You can hear it if you buy a headset designed for listening to the babys heart or when you go to your ultrasound scan you can ask the nurse to hear it.

What is the plot to the movie Empty cradle?

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If there is a blue blood vein that appears on your breast is that a sign of being pregnant?

My breasts do that when I get pregnant. There is an increase in blood flow to the breasts as your body begins preparations to nurse.

What does the sign on the test have to be before you know your pregnant?

The sign has to be positive or + If you are unsure, or worried about being pregnant, please speak to a doctor or a nurse. I wish you every happiness :)

5 weeks 5 days pregnant had ultrasound done. Saw gestational sac and fetal pole but on right of that there was a pocket of fluid. What can that be?

That happened to me when I was pregnant with my son. The fluid is blood. All the nurse told me to do is to take it easy and that I may spot in the next following days. Don't worry! I spotted once and never again. My son is 20 months. Also I am pregnant again and have the same thing again! I am 5 weeks 1 day. Totally normal...again. Hope this helps!!

How do you check male or female during pregnancy?

Get an ultrasound booked but you can't check the gender until like 21 weeks or something like that and then the nurse will ask you if you want to know.

Can your pulse tell you that you are pregnant?

No. If you think you are pregnant either go and see a qualified medical person (a doctor or nurse) or purchase and use a proper pregnancy testing kit.