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IF you hide the VIN number can the car still be repo?


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Yes! Better make sure you hide all the vin numbers and remove your plates:) Seriously hiding the vin will make no difference, only make it harder for the repo man to id.


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A repo man can check under the hood of a car to make sure it's the right car. They will look under to check that the vin number matches the vin number of the car they are repossessing.

Yes, all ya gotta do is open the door and check the VIN.... Repo men are just not allowed to open a locked door.... We can and do open the door there is no criminal intent and as long as there is not damage to the car there is no reason to complain. Also there are other places to find the vin# on a car besides the dash. A car must be correctly identified before a repossession agent can secure the vehicle. Whether it's by the VIN off the dash or not, it can be repossessed even if the VIN is covered on the dash.

No. because not verifying the vin could lead to a misrepo of another vehicle for which the repo company would be sued.

good luck hiding a vechile from the repo-man! they cantrack down a vehicle by using the vin number and plates. after they get a hold of the vehicle, you'll either go to jail or have to pay a really big fine

Why not just make the payments and avoid to whole thing? He will take the car based on more than just the vin#.

most of them are in with the bank which you got the loan from so they have your vin number and your address and where you work in most cases cover your vin and most of the time they wont take it cause they have to be 100% that it is the right vehicle

There are several places where you can find the VIN other than on the dash. We try to verify the VIN that way first and if we are unable to do so that way, here in Ohio I can call my local police department and they will verify the VIN by cross checking it with the license plates on the vehicle. If the car has the correct plates for that make and model of vehicle and the VIN doesn't match the one that I'm looking for, then I leave. If the plates don't match the type of vehicle, then the police will impound the car for having fraudulent or incorrect plates and we can verify VIN from the police impound lot and repo it from there.More Information:Most REPO people will just try the key and if it works GO. This is of course illegal but they don't care. That's why it is important to change the locks and frequency of the auto locks.Cars with incorrect plates can only be towed on PUBLIC property. If it is parked in a driveway or parking lot (say at your office) this is PRIVATE and cannot be towed. Unless the owner of the property says so.A smart repo agaent will VERIFY the VIN before taking the car. Most people don't cover all the VINs.


The Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, only identifies the body and frame of the vehicle. There is no VIN number on the engine and the engine number is not related to the VIN.

history report on this vin. number

1)get the Vin # the vehicle identification number 2)call the police and ask them to run the Vin they should be able to tell you if it is stolen or not and what to do next

It's not a Yamaha Vin number. The vin number is for a 2008 KTM SX.

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There's no such thing as a VIN number.It's a VIN. Vehicle Identification Number.Not Vehicle Identification Number number.The VIN is on the driver side dash, visible through the windsheild.

You can lookup a vin number at online shops that provide you a vin number with many choose of a vin number such as, etc. just try to visit to look for it.

VIN is a vehicle identification number.

VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. The number in the VIN that corresponds to the year for a car is the tenth number.

The vin number is the identification of your car. The vin stands for vehicle identification number, which is what the DMV uses to identify your vehicle.

it is not free to use a vin number to get a car fax, it costs money to use a vin number. you can use the VIN number to purchase a CARFAX Report at

what does the vin number on a dreamliner rv indicate what does the vin number on a dreamliner rv indicate?

A vin number is at the back and front of a car very clear it is on the number plates of a car and is very big and whatever state your in you have a vin number.

I have the VIN number of Motorhome but I need the year?


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