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You need to supply more details on HP-UX versions and Application code or type/vendor. Do a "dump" or pipe "|" the error output to stdout and capture or post. This code may not be compiled for the OS check for PA-RISC or may need compatability mode re-compile. This code appears to try to reference memory segments outside it"s own assigned memory management space....ok on Windown but not on UNIX.

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Misuse of plastics?

how our ocean is getting trashedthey dispose of their trash and garbage in the ocean and they take our whales out by killing them

Where in Nevada can a Samsung camera get repaired?

I would recommend you go to an authorized dealer for Samsung products and ask him about where the service can be done, other than going to some unknown place and getting your camera trashed.

When was the gas chambers invented?

Short answer is: In the spring of 1943. Answer to why: Himmler ordered this to be the way after watching the execution of Jews and getting sprayed with blood.He was sickened at the sight he then decided this was to messy and the gas chambers came into existence <><><><><> In the US, the first use of the gas chamber as a method of execution was on February 8, 1924, during the execution of Gee Jon.

How many of the Scottsboro boys died on the death penalty because of their case?

there were 9 boys. they kept getting tried and put on death row. But none of the kids ever died by execution

How do you find companies that will sponsor boxers?

An effective marketing strategy is one great and effective way of getting the sponsor for boxers. Visiting such companies with a detailed plan will definitely help in the execution of this plan.

I downloaded yellow forest for the pokewalker and I can only get the starting pikachu even after 10000 steps so I trashed the certificate to get a new one but I can't what do I do?

getting rid of the wonder card does not let you get it again. it only makes room for more unless you havent picked the gift up from the pokemart

How do you score a 50 in the slam dunk contest for NBA live 09 on ps3?

It's all about difficulty of the dunk and timing/execution, the more difficult the more chance of getting a 50 if you can pull it off.

Why did Ted Bundy with his execution imminent did he withhold victims names and burial sites?

Bundy was into power and control. Even with his death only hours away he just had to keep something back. It was his way of getting the last word.

How is math used in gymnastic-rithimic?

maths is used when they are getting the scores for example you start off with a perfect ten plus judge score minus execution and artistry score 10.000+2.1-3.2-2.5=7.400

How does magwitch die in Great Expectations?

After falling in the river, Magwitch does get sick, but he does not die specifically in prison. He is sentenced to execution by violating expulsion from England. So there for he dies by whatever method they used. I hope that helped :) He actually dies from getting sick. He doesn't get executed.

What is concurrent execution of transaction in dbms?

Concurrent Execution in DBMSDatabase Management systems usually allow multiple transaction to run concurrently even though it causes a lot of complications with consistency of data. Ensuring consistency when multiple transactions execute concurrently, requires extra effort. It is much simpler to allow only one transaction to run at a time but concurrent execution of transactions has its own advantages: Improved throughput and resource utilization :Concurrent execution means that CPU doesn't have to be idle while it is waiting for I/O activity to complete. This is because transactions can run in parallel on CPU along with I/O activities. This means that resources can be utilized effectively by having multiple transaction run concurrently.Less waiting time : Without concurrency, a short transaction might need to wait for a long transaction to finish causing delay in its execution. With multiple transactions running on the system, new transactions have to wait for less time before getting executed.

Did Thomas Paine get kicked out of England?

He did not, per se, get chucked out. He was charged with seditious libel and King George sent out men after him. He left England for fear of execution by hanging. From England he fled to America and helped free America from the British. But i am getting sidetracked. Auf Wiedersehen.

Why did Pilate insist on the wording of the sign on Christ's cross?

Opinion: Once Pilate gave them their execution, there was little or nothing they could do or say about the title he wrote. It was his way of getting in a "dig," a "parting shot," on the people who were forcing him to execute a man whom he personally counted as innocent.

Are there any gay characters in bleach?

Soi fon and Yoruichi it was very clear that soi fon was gay for yoruichi especially the fight in the soul society arc when they fought before moving away from the execution center where they tied rukia up for execution.Aizen seems gay especially when he got really close to ichigo during the karakura town fight and him getting really close to kisuke urahara .

How does the media react to anarexia and bulimia?

The media sees it as a story but not as big a story as when celebrities gain weight. When actors look "scary skinny" sure they're on the covers of magazines but when a celebrity gains weight like Jessica Simpson did they're on CNN getting trashed. The media sees gaining weight as a far worse thing than a little old thing like anorexia. Thin is in. Everybody knows that.

What will the environment be like in 100 years?

I guess we can all only imagine! The world could be damaged, or the complete opposite! If you want to know more, just let your imagination flow! No one will really know the 1 and only true answer, so many people predict. The environment will be very different though. I imagine that it cant be the same, because every day it is getting worse. So maybe the environment will be trashed.

What activities would require an old jumper that you don't mind getting trashed?

You can make things out of old jumpers like cushions, purses, quilts, tea cosies and dolls. Activities that require you to wear an old jumper might include paintballing, martial arts, and survival skills. Activities that could use an old jumper in a different way might include bull fighting, fire safety training, and impromptu angling.

How did people avoid execution of Salem witch trials?

The could either confess, like Deliverance Hobbs, and agree to tesitfy against other accused witches in return for only getting prison time. Or, like John Alden, the could escape. If you got far enough south of Boston, into Plymouth, you'd be safe.

How does a computer boot up?

1)boot sector will be loaded 2)kernel will be loaded 3)kernel starts execution 4)scripts are unpacked 5)H/w's are initialised 6)Loading rest of filesystem 7)Init process executes all scripts 8)getting program-login program

When will Scott Peterson's death sentence be carried out?

There is no way of knowing. California has not executed a prisoner in years and there has been talk of getting rid of the death penalty entirely. If that does not happen it could still be years before Peterson receives a DOE (date of execution). He has the appeals process that takes years to exhaust which is madatory for every death sentence.

What is getting married divorcing and getting married again?

Getting remarried.

What is another name for marijuana high?

a usual term is "getting stoned"Others are:Getting bakedGetting toastedGetting rightGetting off

Can we write Getting an error is it correct?

I prefer one of the following:I am getting an error. We are getting an error.I'm getting an error. We're getting an error.

Vision without execution is hallucination -what is the meaning?

So the quote is supposedly by Thomas Edison. It means that if you have a goal (say, doing a decathlon within the next six months) and you do nothing to achieve that goal, (in this case, train by running long distances, swimming long distances, biking long distances) you might as well be hallucinating or daydreaming about getting to the goal.

What kills donkeys?

getting shot getting old getting poisioned

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