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the fan clutch is attached to the pump by threads which appear to be left-handed...You will have to secure the pully separate from the thermal clutch and turn clockwise. The use of a 'spanner wrench' is recommended which holds the bolts on the shaft secure so you can use a wrench to loosen the clutch.

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Is there a separate fuse for the power seats and heated seats in a 2000 bravada?


Where is the ignition module located in a 1994 Oldsmobile bravada?

its attached to the distributor, right at the base, should have two electrical plugs going into it, one from the coil

How do you change a throttle position sensor on a 1998 Bravada?

To change a throttle position sensor on a 1998 Bravada, disconnect the negative battery cable. Separate the wiring harness connector on the throttle position sensor and take off the sensor. Replace with new.?æ?æ

Where is the thermostat in a 2000 bravada?

On the front, top of the motor (Closest to you. It has a radiator hose attached to it and is a pipe shaped like a "J". It also has 2 bolts holding it to the motor.

Starter in 1997 Bravada?

How does one remove and replace the starter in the 1997 Bravada??

1996 Olds Bravada Radiator Petcock location?

It's on the passengers side of the radiator, at the bottom (of course) on the engine side. Mine has a short length of hose attached to drain it with.

2000 olds bravada when you start your car you hear a clicking noise coming from a modual box behind the glove box everything seems to be working?

click noise from glove box everything workin properly what is it

Coolant smell bravada?

Bravada smell coolant. That's how they greet each other.

Why did the electrical power in your Olds Bravada suddenly go out?

electric problem oldsmovible bravada

How much fluid to put in a 1998 bravada transfer case?

Fill it till it runs out of the fill hole. Again that's the FILL HOLE, not the DRAIN HOLE. They are separate.

How much to replace front axles on 2000 bravada?

how much to replace axles on a 2000 bravada

Is there a fuel cut off switch in a 1998 Oldsmobile bravada?

is there a fuel cut off switch in an oldsmobile bravada

97 Oldsmobile bravada then engine turns over but wont start what could cause this?

Popping noice on my 97 bravada

Why are your lights flickering on your 98 Bravada?

If your lights are flickering on your 98 Bravada, you might have a shortage. It can also indicate that your alternator is failing.

What are the intake manifold torque specs on 1997 Oldsmobile bravada?

What are the intake manifold torque specs on 1998 Oldsmobile bravada?"

Bravada wont start?

Its an Oldsmobile

Heated seats in a 2000 bravada?

What about them?

How do you change the ignition switch on a 1997 Bravada?

This is for a 97 Blaazer but it is the same procedure as I used it to replace the switch in my own 97 Bravada.

01 bravada brake lights stay on could it be the same switch that was recalled in the 00 bravada?

Bad or misaligned stop light switch

Where is the PCV valve 1999 bravada?

The PCV valve on a 1999 Bravada is located near the oil filter. It is on the passenger side of the engine compartment.

How do you change out the starter on 2001 bravada?

You change out the starter on a 2001 bravada by opening the hood of the car then following the battery redÊcable from the battery to the starter.

Show the location of camshaft position sensor for 2002 Oldsmobile bravada?

show location of camshaft position sensor for 2002 Oldsmobile bravada.

Where is the oil pump on a 1999 bravada?

where can you find the oil pump on a 1999 bravada and how much should it cost if someone dose it installed and labor

How many belts are there for an Oldsmobile bravada?

there is one!

What is an SUV that starts with the letter B?


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