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I have 1998 Toyota Camry le. when I got the oil change done recently the oil filter started leaking oil right after it was replaced they installed new filter but the check engine light is on now.HELP?



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You should have a auto technician look at your car, call the oil place and let them know your situation.... Get it in writing.... get them to put in writing that they messed up and goto a mechanic, not there's, and make sure everything is ok. any reputable place will be ok with this and will pay for it.mechanic will find the code the car is finding fault with and let you know if it is anything serious and needs to be fixed.if so let oil place know and get them to call mechanic for authorization of payment. but you give ok to do work after they ok with you and mechanic moneys. now get issue fixed and have a good life if this is not an option unplug pos. of battery for 30 seconds and reconnect. this usually clears out codes on the cars computer. if service lite comes on again go see mechanic to find out issue and do above without help of oil place obviously. when talking to oil place be nice til you need to be firm. good luck, gig1