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You should have a auto technician look at your car, call the oil place and let them know your situation.... Get it in writing.... get them to put in writing that they messed up and goto a mechanic, not there's, and make sure everything is ok. any reputable place will be ok with this and will pay for it.mechanic will find the code the car is finding fault with and let you know if it is anything serious and needs to be fixed.if so let oil place know and get them to call mechanic for authorization of payment. but you give ok to do work after they ok with you and mechanic moneys. now get issue fixed and have a good life if this is not an option unplug pos. of battery for 30 seconds and reconnect. this usually clears out codes on the cars computer. if service lite comes on again go see mechanic to find out issue and do above without help of oil place obviously. when talking to oil place be nice til you need to be firm. good luck, gig1

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Im not sure who im crushin on right nowhelp?

It's normal crushing on more than one person. Especially teenagers. (More of male teenagers than females.)

Why would antifreeze be leaking from freeze plug that has been recently replaced?

Did not clean surface properly or the biggest and most of the time it was not put in streight

How do you fix a fuel injecter that is leaking?

a leaking fuel injector must be replaced

Why is your Kenmore power miser 8 water heater leaking from the overflow pipe?

Temp. & pressure valve either needs replaced or an expansion tank may need to be installed.

What can be used to stop car radiator from leaking?

The radiator will need to be replaced. Sometimes, it may seem that the radiator itself is leaking but it could be the radiator "hose" that is leaking. In this case, the radiator hose needs to be replaced and clamped tightly.

What is the problem if water is leaking fromwhere the water pump is located on a 3.0L V6 1992 Lebaron?

waterpump is leaking and should be replaced or the gasket may be worn out and need to be replaced

Why is your 1994 Toyota Celica overheating?

Blown head gastet, radiator leaking, thermostat needs to be replaced Blown head gastet, radiator leaking, thermostat needs to be replaced

Why is coolant leaking inside of your 2000 dodge Dakota quad cab?

your heater core is leaking. Needs to be replaced

What causes leaking tell tale holes on water pumps?

The seals in the pump are leaking and the pump needs to be replaced.

Leaking shock on Honda accord 2007?

If the shock is leaking it must be replaced. Replace both shocks in pairs.

2000 Dodge Durango water pump circulates but is leaking does this mean just a seal or should entire pump be replaced?

If the front seal on the pump is leaking this usually indicates the pump is bad. I recently had the same problem. It is wise just to replace it. If it is not replaced soon it will cause excess tension on the serpentine belt which could cause damage to other accessories that run of the belt.

What is the blue stuff leaking out of car battery?

Yuor battery is leaking fluids or gases. The battery likely needs replaced.

What could be wrong if you just replaced the P trap in the kitchen but you cannot get it to stop leaking?

What joint exactly is leaking on you p-trap?

Why do your coolant alway coming on in your car?

If your talking about coolant leaking on the passenger floor then it means your heater core is leaking and needs to be replaced.

Where could a Pontiac Montana be leaking from if the radiator has been replaced and it is not running hot?

Can be leaking from a hose not secured properly or a hole in the system.

Your 2000 Mazda Millenia Millennium Edition is leaking oil from the supercharger Can the seal be replaced?

it can be replaced, but you wont be able to find it

What should you do if you replaced the water pump but the gasket still leaks?

I have replaced 2003 silverado water pumpthree times and it is still leaking? is this year 5.3 size moter knowen for internal leaking and if so how do I stop it?

Coolant leaking from spout on firewall on a 1995 cavalier?

You probably have a bad heater core. The heater core is installed in a plastic casing and the spout is there in case it starts leaking. This keeps it from leaking into the floor of the car.

Why is coolant on the floor of your car?

Your heater core is leaking. It needs repaired or replaced.

You have recently installed electronic lock in your bike cbz xtreme but you are having problem with your bike the mechanic burnt the cdi unit and replaced with some but the rpm drops bike jerks?

Repast the orbit Sensor

Why do you have to have the rack and pinion replaced when power steering pump is replaced?

Hey Marilyn==Either the gear is leaking otr the line wasn't tightened when the pump was replaced. GoodluckJoe

After replacing caliper on brakes why is brake fluid leaking when in reverse?

Brass washers replaced when caliper replaced?Fitting tightened completely?

What structure is replaced when an artificial pacemaker is installed?

The SA Node.

Why does 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 still leak antifreeze on cab floor after heater core replaced?

Residue from the prior leak, cracked the neck when installed, defective core. Any leaks on engine side of firewall leaking in somehow??

If gas is coming out of fuel rail how should i fix it?

If leaking from the rail itself, the rail will need replaced. If leaking from a seal at the rail, replace the rail.