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I have a 94 Acura Vigor and it is leaking oil by the distributor. Is it a valve cover or someone told you it may be the distributor?

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2007-03-07 03:27:49

Well, unfortunately the only way to tell is to really clean the

area where the leak is suspected. Drive it for a little while and

take a look. Either place can leak motor oil. Make sure you keep an

eye on your oil level in the engine if it's really leaking alot.

NEW ANSWER............. I had the same problem, I have a 92 vigor,

and it was the seal for the distributor, unfortunately they do not

sale the seal seperate. It comes with the dist. Also it was a

recall from the dealer, you have to check with an acura dealer to

find out if you vigor had the dist. changed or not, they can tell

some how by the vin#.I changed it myself. dist. about $200.00

dealer may be expensive for labor. Addition... The above answer is

incorrect. Seperate distributor seals are available through many

online parts sellers. They're about $10 and are easy to install

yourself. My 92 Vigor had the same problem, and it was a really

easy fix. The o-rings around the distributor wear out, and to

replace them, its only about $4.00 a piece. You have to take the

distributor off and replace the seals. Acura dealerships carry the

o-rings and will give you a diagram of the parts to help you

replace the rings.

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