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You haven't left enough information for an accurate answer. Does the rifle have a serial number? What condition is the gun in? This would include things like the bluing (finish), and is there any rust or pitting in the metal. What shape is the wood in?

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What is a Winchester 94AE?

Lever action rifle

What is a Winchester 30 30?

A lever action rifle.

Do you have a photo of a Winchester model 74 lever action rifle?


Does Winchester make a model 865 lever action rifle?


What year did Winchester make the first lever action rifles?

The first lever action rifle by Winchester was the Henry rifle.It was produced from 1860-1866.

What is the value of a Winchester lever action rifle model 9422?

The value of a Winchester lever action rifle model 9422 will depend on the condition. They are currently listed for sale between $400 -$900.

How do you assemble a Winchester 243 lever action rifle?

The only Winchester made lever action rifle was the model 88.I would refer you to a good gunsmith to put your model 88 lever action rifle back together again,as these rifles are complex and should not be attempted by a novice.

What is a 1873 Winchester 32 20 serial?

Lever action rifle

What is a Winchester 94 marine 30 30?

Lever action rifle.

What is the most powerful lever action rifle?

thr .405 Winchester is the most powerfull lever action rifle used by teddy Roosevelt in Africa on safari.

Was the Winchester Rifle the first lever action rifle?

no the ak 47 hand gun model was

Winchester model 70 rifle?

I do mnot understand your question?Are you asking if you have a winchester model 70,or how old,or if the rifle you have is a model 70.Please include the style of rifle(bolt action,lever action etc.)and the serial number,and model number.If these are posted in your question,then we can get you an answer.

Winchester .243 cal lever action rifle?

Yes, they made it.

What is the value of a model 1894 Winchester rifle serial 760365?

1894 25-35 lever action winchester rifle how much is it worth?

How old is winchester rifle serial no2345948?

If you are asking about a Winchester model 1894 lever action rifle?Then with the serial number that you have provided,your rifle was made in the year 1958.

Who manufactured Sears 30-30 lever action rifle?

The Sears 30/30 lever action was manufactured by Winchester Western.

Model 94 winchester 30-30?

A good lever action rifle.

What is the value of a Winchester 32 special lever action rifle?

$445.00 in 90% condition

What is a savage 99CD 308?

A lever action rifle made by Savage in 308 Winchester.

What is the value of a Winchester moder 88 lever action rifle?

100-600 usd

What is the value of a Winchester Model 98 lever action side eject?

you are mistaken Winchester model 88 is a lever action side eject rifle value is 300.00 to 450.00 depending on cond.

How can you find out how old your 348 Winchester is?

Buy providing the serial number to your Winchester model 71 lever action rifle.

When was the Winchester serial number 4396673?

question is about a Winchester model 1894 lever action rifle,then it was made in the year 1976.

Winchester Model 250 leveraction?

Yes winchester did make a model 250 lever action rifle from 1963-1974.

What can you expect to pay for a 1873 winchester rifle in good condition?

You will have to pay 3,000 dollars or more for a original Winchester model 1873 lever action Winchester rifle in the condition you described.