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I have not received one reply or offer from anybody regardless of my skills and knowledge When applying for jobs does my felony show up automatically upon submitting my application?



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I can answer that: It all depends on your potential employer. Virtually all large employers do a background check, and that's where it would be discovered. Also, many applications you would fill out may ask you that question on a yes or no basis....and lying would be grounds for dismissal. So, take it from there. While most all employers will perform some type of background and credit check, that is normally done after some type of initial personal contact, and frequently requires the completion of a form containing more information and authorization than on a simple application or resume. It is also simply impossible, logisitcally and financially, for a company to research each applicant of the many they may receive for a position. It would seem more likely that your initial presentation may not be as favorable as you believe. Right off, if your information contains mis-spellings, typos, is just sloppy, or if your in person and you aren't dressed right, have business unacceptable markings (prison tatoo's or gang markings), they may well not want to consider you further. You may have gaps in employment or experience that gives the employer reasons to have questions, that instead of developing, they simply move on to another candidate. Perhaps you should invest in some professional review of what you are providing and how you are presenting to assure you are doing so as favorably as possible. Additionally, for a number of operational, financial and legal reasons, many companys do not send rejection leters or such, as it is apparently felt that being rude is preferred to any exposure that could cause. Finally, frustration in a job search is common. For any one position there may be thousands of applicants, many of which are basically qualified. So while you feel you have applied to many without any response, the employers, even with several jobs each receiving many applications, are only needing a very small number of those. Persist and you should succeed.