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disconnect battery for 10 minutes,then reconect battery this should reset computer if faults have been fixed

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Is a 1988 jeep cheokee bumper the same size as a 1989 wagoneer?


What causes no spark on a 1996 jeep G cheokee no 12 volts to coil with key on.?

change the battery

What are the first known inhabitants in Nebraska?

The first known people in Nebraska were the native Americans that were in the tribe of the Cheokee!! Thank you for asking here!!

What is the distributor cap firing order for a 1999 Jeep Cheokee 4.0L?

It is embossed on the intake manifold. 1-5-3-6-2-4

What are the spanner sizes for Grande Cheokee?

They are all the odd sizes like 9, 11, 13, 15, 16, 18 etc I've worked on alot of them.

Where is the Oil Pressure Sender on a 96 Jeep Grand Cheokee?

On the 4.0L it is right above the oil filter on the right side of the block. On the 5.2L is is on the back of the engine next to the distributor.

How did the arrival of the europeans change the Cherokee?

Since hernando de sato came there and he spread his dieases and had far more better weapons than the cherokee which resulted in death of many cheokee people

What was the religion of the European settlers who took over the cheokee lands?

christian-proof:~99%of Europeans during that period of were Christian so be deductive reasoning the ones who took tat land over were christian

Can 33 12.50 r15 tires fit on a stock 1997 jeep grand cheokee with no lift kit?

No, you should have at least 4-5" lift to clear 33's, less if you want to trim your fenders.

Why my 1996 Jeep grand cheokee wont reverse?

A 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee will not go into reverse if the transmission is defective or the shift linkage is not aligned properly. A local transmission shop or dealership can thoroughly diagnose and repair the issue.

1993 jeep cheokee haztates at 50 mphthinking map senor bad ive changed throttle body sensor already but it still does it?

If you have an automatic transmission, try shutting off overdrive. It engages right around 50 MPH.

Your 98 grand cheokee stalls and is hard to start back up and back fires you have replaced plugs wires coil map sensor cap and rotor and temp sensor what is causing this?

Crank and or Cam sensors may be bad. I would Buy both and try the Crank sensor first.

What could be wrong besides a burned out fuse if power windows and power locks on all four doors don't work on a 1996 Cherokee Classic?

The wiring harness goin into drivers side door switch control may have a broken wire from the door opening / closing.I have encountered similar problems w/ 1995 grand cheokee. look in door jamb for broken wire beneath sheath.

1989 jeep cheokee changed front and rear brakes new master cylinder bled all lines no air in the brake system pedal to floor on 1st push harder on 2nd push solid on 3rd any ideas why no pedal on?

did you set the clearance inside the rear drums ( starwheel adjuster) drive back and forth maybe 10 or 20 times ( 20 if its really loose), coming to a full stop each time..should take the slack out of the adjusters.

The power window switch on your 1995 jeep cheokee sport goes down but won't bring the window back up?

There could be several causes for this type of problem: 1) The power window up portion of the switch is not functioning or wiring is loose at the switch and or motor. 2) The motor is failing and is not providing enough force to raise the window or is off-track and inding. To check this condition lower the window , then grasp the window and when the up button is pressed assist it(leave enough space to ensure you do not pinch you the window frame) if the window motor operates and the window begins to rise the window could be binding or the motor replaced. in either case the door panel will need to be removed the electrical switch and motor are tested and the mechanical operator and track inspected for proper operation.

How do you replace the rear cup holder of my grand Cherokee?

The rear seat drink holder of a 2005 grand cheokee is very easy to replace. In mine only the sliding insert was broken. First buy the replacement part. Then look at it closely. The drink holder is two pieces. The outer part inserts into the rear seat and is not usually broken can be reused. The inside part that slides and hold drinks is what breaks and is easy to replace. Look at the new part you bought. Slide the inside drink tray halfway out of the outer casing. Get two hacksaw blades and bend the last two inches up about 10 degrees. The sliding tray has to be 1/2 way extended out for this to work. Slide the hacksaw blades with the 10 degrees bend facing up in along the top of the inside drink tray about 1/2 from the outside edges. The hacksaw blades will go above the plastic sliding tray stops and when you pull the tray out the inside part will come out. The new unbroken sliding tray can be slid into place very easy and will lock in perfect. If you have the hacksaw blades it will take about 60 seconds. I just replaced mine. The auto repair place wanted $90.00 for labor because they were going to remove rear seat and replace the whole unit. This way is super easy. Looking over the new part will show you how this works.

Where is the back up light fuse for a 1998 jeep cheokee?

Should be #7 or #23 on the inside fuse panel. It is on the same circuit as the brake lights, but if they are not working, and the bulbs are good your switch needs cleaning or adjustment. Attempt this first since the switch costs nearly $300 bucks. On the passengers side of the trans just behind the bell housing there is a fan shaped switch, loosen the 12mm bolt ( smaller of the two, and rotate the switch while a friend checks the lights. this problem is usually accompanied by an occasional inability to start the vehicle, but can be cured by jiggling the shifter. While adjusting the switch make sure that the vehicle will start in park as well, remember to block the wheels while testing the back up lights, engine off, key in run but not start, shifter in reverse, move switch until lights come on. Once you find this spot, hold it in place and have your helper check to make sure it will start. This may take several tries to get both working correctly. If you have no luck the switch may be dirty, this happens a lot. Hold the post to the bottom large bolt still while you loosen the nut, then remove it, then remove the 12mm adjusting bolt on top, remove the wire connector and pull the switch away, remove the bolts on the switch and separate the halves, use electrical contact cleaner and maybe some q-tips to clean all the copper connections completely apply di-electric grease and reassemble, refit to the trans and readjust so all functions work, this switch controls back up and start safety. Caution! always hold that bottom bolt while tightening the large nut, this is connected to the gear adjuster and you could damage the internals if it isn't secured while you do it.

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