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The rear defrost is electric. The heater works off the hot water in your radiator running thru it and a fan blowing the heat into your compartment.. check your thermostat, it could be that your heater core isn't getting and water to it, that is were your car get's it't heat from, if not that it could be lack of water

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โˆ™ 2006-11-03 12:24:19
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Q: I recently bought a 1992 Grand Prix and the heater died but the rear defrost still works Any suggestions?
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My defrost fan is blowing but will not defrost my windows?

That means either you have air in your heater core or your heater core is being bypassed

What does heater hoses do on a vehicle?

a heater hose runs from intake to heater core to radiator. the heater core is were the heat comes from inside the car as well as defrost

Do cars made for Florida have defrost and heat?

Yes they have a heater/defroster.

Why would your heat only work on defrost?

ihave a 1986 chevette that when i turn defrost on it blows out heat and when i put heater on it blows out only cold air? ihave a 1986 chevette that when i turn defrost on it blows out heat and when i put heater on it blows out only cold air?

Can't defrost my windshield?

The fastest way to defrost a windshield is to turn the defrost vent on without heat or simply open the windows. Another option is to warm the inside of the car by turning the heater on.

Why does your 03 avalanche ac continue cycling with heater on?

it should if you have the heater control in the defrost position this is to remove the moisture from the air

What could cause the heater or defrost to NOT blow warm or hot in a 1988 Ford Bronco ll?

Blocked heater core, faulty heater valve, disconnected connection to the heater valve.

Should ac compressor stay on when heater control moved to defrost in a 2000 durango?

Yes, the ac will run in the defrost position to dry the windshield.

Why heat blows out vents only not defrost or floor?

Most likely a bad or disconnected vacuum hose to the defrost/floor selector in the heater ducting.

Why is smoke coming from your defrost vent?

The most common thing will be that you have a leaking heater core...........

What causes Taurus to shut off when heater or defrost is cut on?

car cuts off

2001 dodge 1500 ac and heater flow regulator switch does not work. works only on defrost?

2001 dodge ram 1500 ac and heater flow regulator switch does not work. works only on defrost. How to fix?

Why is my 2003 trailblazer stalling while idle and heater is on?

If defrost is on it could be your compressor going bad. See what happens when you leave off defrost or disconnect your compressor. It only controls defrost and air conditioning. I had the same problem

What can be done if pipes in the refrigerator freeze?

More than likely its the defrost timer or the defrost heater. You can try and advance the timer which is usually located at the top of the refrigerator compartment. Its usually a small round circle with a slot in the middle. Take a slotted screwdriver and advance it till you hear it click then stop advancing it. This more than likely is defrost mode. It should kick on the defrost heater. Listen closely if you can hear the heater kicking on and sizzling the ice. If you do advance the timer to run after about 1/2 an hour and repeat the process until the ice is gone. If this works then the timer is defective and needs replaced. If this process doesn't work then the defrost heater is probably defective.

Why do you keep blowing fuses when you turn on the heater fan but when you take out the compressor fuse it doesnt blow the fuses?

The compressor is coming on because you have the heater set to defrost. Take it off defrost and the compressor will not come on. I would suspect the compressor is locked up.

Why would you smell antifreeze through your defrost?

Blown Heater Core - The heater fan blows past the heater core and if it has a hole in it your antifreeze ios being blown onto your windshield.

Why does heater defrost vent not open on a 1989 Sunbird and cold air blow from dash vents but no air blows from heater defrost vents and where are the enter and exit hoses for the heater coil?

I don't know why the vent would not open for the defrost, but it may be related to the fact that your heater core is blown. If your getting nothing but cold air out of the vents when the heat is on, your core is finished and if the core is finished then it is likely related to your vent not opening/switching. Something''s wrong with your heating either way.

Why doesn't your heater switch from defrost to heat on a 97 wrangler?

you probabally have a vacuum hose disconnected

What Bad smell is coming from my defrost in my 98 f-150?

the heater core is going out

What are the signs of a broken heater core?

usually you will get antifreeze smell and steam inside coming from defrost

Why won't heater change from defrost to floor on 2001 Ford F-350?

you have a fuse out...

Why does your trucks defrost vents start smoking?

That's probably steam from a leaky heater core.

1986 jeep Cherokee 4.0 you have replaced the heater hoses and a new heater thermnostat is on It still over heats When you turn the defrost on full blast it cools down What else should you do?

bad fan clutch, clogged radiator.....................when you turn the defrost on, the heater core is acting like the radiator...............good luck, Mike

Will the heater core still leak in a 97 c 1500 if the heater or defrost is not used?

Yes it will, engine coolant still flows through it when engine is running.

What is the Defrost of meat display cases?

electric defrost, using an electric heater that the air from the evap fans blows over and defrosts the coil, usually time initiated temperature terminated