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My husband and I too tried for exactly 3 years and I gave up. The next month I found out I was pregnant and got pregnant shortly after telling God "I give up", then He blessed me. I was also young and stupid (had my first child @ 15) and made many mistakes. There are many underlying reasons for not being able to get pregnant. Your cervix may be too long which can hender that ability to get pregant (i have this problem) or you could have fibroid tumors (harmless and non cancerous) or a variety of other issues. Dont stress on getting pregnant anymore and please dont think your being punished for the past. If its going to happen it will happen all @ the right time.Answer

First Congratulations; For Doing Exactly What The Devil Wanted You To Do. God Cannot Lie And He Will Always Keep His Promise. Your Prayers For A New Baby In Your Time Frame May Not Be As In His. You Continue Giving Your Heart To The Lord, He Will Give You Your Reward. It May Be That It Isn`t Just The Right Time For The Baby. Trust Him He Will Always Have The Right Answers. May God Bless


While what you did in the past might hinder your chances for conception, it's not impossible. Go to the Dr. and get checked out. Let them know you want to get pregnant. If all turns out okay for you, have your partner checked out. He might be shooting blanks. It doesn't seem so, but even for someone who has never done anything to prevent pregnancy, it is extremely hard to conceive a child. Keep praying and maintain a positive attitude. After all, there is always adoption.

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Can young girls get pregnant?

Once a young girl starts menstruating she can become pregnant. More frightening are young girls who are having sex before puberty and getting pregnant younger and younger.

Does Ruthie Camden become pregnant in 7th Heaven?

No. Eric and Annie thought she got pregnant in Scotland, but she didn't.

Can you become pregnant if you have shingles?

You can become pregnant if you have shingles.

How long does it take someone over 34 to become pregnant?

It might take a few minutes or a few months (Or few years !) it easier to get younger while younger but having said that being older doesn't necessarily mean you can't get pregnant - and if you are lucky it could happen very quickly.

Why does blanche lie to mitch about being younger than Stella?

Many people to not like to age. Blanche lied to Mitch about being younger than Stella because she thought it would cause him to become more attracted to her.

How can your illegal boyfriend become legal?

The only way he can become legal is if he is younger for him to be 18 or older or if you are younger for you to become 18 or older. Depends on the age.

At what age do you have to be in order to become pregnant?

You can become pregnant as early as your first period.

How do men become pregnant?

It is not possible for a man (human male) to become pregnant.

What time a lady become pregnant?

A woman can become pregnant anytime she has sex.

Can a women still become pregnant even though she is not menstruating?

If she is ovulating, she can become pregnant. But that is the only way. If she is ovulating, she can become pregnant. But that is the only way.

What is salat-ul-safr?

salatul-safar Shortening prayers. The meaning of shortening prayers is that the four-rak'ah prayers become two rak'ahs when travelling. As for joining prayers, it means that the worshipper joins two prayers, Zuhr and 'Asr, or Maghrib and 'Isha', at the time of the earlier or later of the two prayers.

What does alocholic do to you?

make you become younger

Can a eunuch become pregnant?

A eunuch is a castrated male. Males cannot become pregnant.

When will a girl become pregnant?

Women become pregnant when a sperm fertilizes one of her eggs.

What does dreaming of dead fish mean?

It means that someone you know is either pregnant, about to become pregnant, about to find out they are pregnant, or want to become pregnant. Creepy, right?

Is it true if your mom thinks your pregnant that you are?

No of course not. The only was to become pregnant is if you are a girl who had sex. Then you have the possibility to become pregnant. Not by your mother's assumptions.

How old does a goat have to be to become pregnant?

A female goat can become pregnant when she is one year old.

How do you become pregnant?

To become pregnant, you must have sexual intercourse with a man or use artificial insemination.

Can you become pregnant 10days before my periods and that to not by intercourse by touching vagina with the hands?

No you will not become pregnant from this.

Can you become pregnant the first time you have intercourse?

Yes, you can become pregnant the first time you have intercourse.

Is it possible to become pregnant on day 7 of your 26 day cycle?

you can become pregnant at anytime.

Can you become pregnant on day 7 of your 24 day?

You can become pregnant at anytime in your menstrual cycle.

How can a mam become pregnant?

A man cannot become pregnant because he does not have a uterus to hold the baby.

Can a 3 month old bunny become pregnant?

No. A rabbit has to be at least 1 year old to become pregnant. This is incorrect. They can be breed or become pregnant for 5-6 months on.

Is Will Young pregnant?

No. Men cannot become pregnant.

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