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Q: Identify the types of cells that lactic acid fermentation occurs?
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Lactic acid fermentation occurs in muscle cells when is in low supply?

Lactic acid fermentation occurs in muscle cells when _____ is in low supply

Which type of fermentation occurs in muscle cells?

Lactic acid fermentation .

Which type of fermentation sometimes occurs in humans?

The type of fermentation that sometimes occurs in the human muscle cells is lactic acid fermentation.

Which type of fermentation sometimes occurs in human muscle cells?

The type of fermentation that sometimes occurs in human muscle cells is Lactic Acid fermentation.

Lactic acid fermentation occurs in?

Lactic acid fermentation occurs in muscle cells when there is not enough oxygen for the cells to undergo aerobic respiration. The buildup of lactic acid is what causes muscle pain when you exercise strenuously.

What kind of fermentation occurs in the human body?

Lactic acid fermentation in muscle cells occurs when the human lacks enough oxygen.

Lactic acid fermentation occurs in muscle cells when what is in low supply?


Lactic acid fermentation occurs in muscle cells when is in low supply.?

Lactic acid fermentation occurs due to the lack of oxygen in the the muscle cells Aerobic respiration requires oxygen as an electron receiver to complete the electron transport system, so without it, the cells will be unable to undergo normal respiration and will resort to lactic acid fermentation

Describe the two types of fermentation?

There are two main types of fermentation namely lactic acid fermentation and alcoholic fermentation. Lactic acid fermentation occurs in the muscle cells while the alcoholic happens when the glucose gets into the cell.

List the two type of fermentation and tell where each take place?

The two types of fermentation are alcoholic fermentation, and lactic-acid fermentation. Alcoholic fermentation, occurs in yeast and other single celled organisms. Lactic-acid fermentation occurs in muscle cells. Your muscles use it to create energy when there is not enough oxygen to use for normal respiration.

Does fermentation release lactic acid?

Your muscle cells do when you preform lactic acid fermentation.

How do alcoholic fermentation and lactic acid fermentation differ?

Lactic Acid occurs mostly in muscle cells & forms lactic acid, Alcoholic produces molecules of alcohol & Carbon Dioxide.

What is a side effect of lactic acid fermentation in humans?

Lactic acid fermentation occurs during heavy exercising. The lactic acid builds up in the muscle cells and disrupts metabolic pathways. This causes you to feel a soreness in the muscles.

Lactic acid fermentation occurs in muscle cells when?

When cellular respiration has used up the oxygen (aerobic). It then goes into anaerobic modes of energy production (without oxygen), which would be fermentation.

What is the name of the fermentation used by muscle cells?

Lactic acid fermentation.

Where in the body does alcohol fermentation occur?

Alcoholic Fermentation does not occur in human bodies but rather in plant cells when they do not receive adequate amounts of the necessary amounts of nutrients and minerals. Lactic fermentation however occurs in human cells located in the cytoplasm after glycolysis.

When fermentation occurs in muscle cells muscle fatigue is called by the production of?

Lactic acid builds up and causes muscle burn.

Why do mammalian muscles perform lactic acid fermentation instead of ethanol fermentation?

Because mammalian muscle cells are genetically programmed to perform lactic acid fermentation, not ethanol fermentation.

Lactic acid fermentation is what type of process?

Lactic acid fermentation is an anaerobic process. This means that lactic acid is produced in the absence of oxygen. This usually occur in bacteria cells but can also occur in muscle cells.

What kind of fermentation sometimes occurs in people?

lactic acid fermentation takes place in the humanbeings during strenous exercise during which pyruvic acid is converted into lactic acid and further lactic acid (during cori cycle) will be converted back to pyruvate when cells get enough oxygen after the exercise.

When do cells use lactic acid fermentation?

lactic acid begins and ends in the cytoplasm

Lactic acid fermentation helps make cheese yogurt and also occurs what in cells during heavy exercise?

It oocurs in muscle cells during heavy exercise. :]

What happens when your muscle cells run out of oxygen?

Cells that do not require oxygen go through anaerobic respiration, which is a form of cellular respiration that uses fermentation to turn energy into useful energy. There are two types of anaerobic respiration, lactic acid fermentation and alcohol fermentation. Muscle cells do this when they run out of oxygen and go through fermentation instead. The product of this type of fermentation from muscle cells is lactic acid. Lactic acid is toxic and causes soreness and fatigue. Anybody who has been sore after exercise has experienced lactic acid fermentation.

What are the products of fermentation by muscle cells?

lactic acid

Fermentation in animal cells produces what?

Lactic acid.