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When the map of Europe was redrawn at the end of WWI the border between Russia and Poland was known as the "Curzon line" after the British foreign secretary who negotiated the settlement.However the countries were involved in a short conflict after the war had ended which resulted in the Polish conquest of Russian territory.The Red Army when it advanced into Poland in 1940 only advanced as far as the Curzon line which marked the former boundary between the two countries and therefore only reclaimed what was rightfully Russian territory rather than conquering sovereign Polish territory and thereby avoided a confrontation with Britain and France.

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Q: If Germany and USSR invaded Poland why didn't Britain and France invade USSR also?
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Some of the countries that Germany invaded were: Poland, France, Russia, and Britain.

What event made Britain and France to form an alliance with Poland?

When Germany invaded Poland, Britain and France had an agreement with Poland to come to Poland's aid should the country ever be invaded. As Germany refused to withdraw from Poland, Britain and France declared war against Germany.

France and Britain declared war on Germany after they had invaded what?


What happened when Germany invaded Poland?

Britain and France declared war on Germany.

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Because Germany invaded Poland.

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When Germany invaded Poland

France and Great Britain declared war on Germany when Germany invaded which country?


What happen after Germany invaded Poland in 1939?

France and Britain declared war on Germany.

What made the World war 2 start?

Britain, france and germany Britain and france declared war on germany when germany invaded poland

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In WW2 the French and Britain said they would declare war on Germany if they attacked Poland. When Nazi Germany invaded Poland France and Britain declared war on Germany. Then Germany stormed French.

What country with France declared war on Germany after Hitler invaded Poland?


How did great Britain and France react when Germany attacked Poland?

Germany invaded Poland on 1st September 1939. On 3rd September 1939, Britain and France declared war on Germany.

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