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If Osama bin Laden is Muslim why does he wear a turban?


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May 06, 2011 4:47PM

he men of many Islamic cultures have worn or wear a headdress of some sort that may be considered a turban. Islam considers the turban as being a Sunnah Mu'akkadah (Confirmed Tradition) . Head wraps that men wear are called several names and worn in different ways dependent on region and culture. Examples include Amamah (Arabic: عمامة‎) in Arabic, "sarık" in Turkish and dastār (Persian: دستار) in Persian.

  • Many types of head wrap are worn by Islamic scholars in many Muslim countries. Islamic scholars meaning specifically Muslim scholars who study the religion of Islam, most likely being Sheikhs or Imams.
  • In Shi'a Islam, many people believe that wearing a black head wrap, around a small white cap is a claim to status as a descendant of Muhammad. Wearing a black turban symbolizes a well educated person in the Shi'a school of thought.
  • Green turban is a distinctive feature of a Hajji.
  • In Sudan, large white headdresses are worn; they generally are meant to connote high social status.

In most of the Arabian peninsula countries, they wear a form of turban that is plain or checkered scarf (called keffiyeh,ghutrah or shumagh), though the Arabic Amamah tradition is still strong in Oman(see Sultan Qaboos of Oman),Egypt, Sudan as well as some parts of the Arabian peninsula.

Muslims may wear head covers, but they are not what most picture when they think of a turban. Bin Laden does cover his head, but it is not with the stereotypical turban because Muslims do not wear those. Only Sikhs, a branch of Hinduism, wear the stereotypical turban.