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Oil in the spark plug holes can affect the ignition. It may be part of your problem. It needs troubleshooting.

For model years 88-94 hot weather no starts are caused by the "main relay" located upper left of the steering column. It is bolted to the dash brace and is labeled "main relay". The solder joints are defective. This relay can be found at local parts stores. Be prepared. Bring the # off the relay. While the oil from a worn out valve-cover can eventuly cause carbon tracking, I would check the relay first. When you have a no start condition open all of the doors to cool the car's interior. This usually takes less than 5 min, but it can take up to 20 min. If the car starts replace the relay.


My 1990 Honda Accord had a problem of not starting when the temperature of the interior compartment was extremely high such as after setting in the blazing sun for several hours with the window up. I searched the Honda discussion boards and found that the Main Relay part number RZ-0088 has the fuel relay inside, also, and that replacing it will cure the problem. I tried it and so far so good. As I was replacing the Main Relay I noticed that it is placed about 1/8� from the surface of the dashboard. Now I�m no genius but the temperature at this position with the sun beating down on it must be near that of nuclear melt down. Electronics and heat don�t mix a fact that must have been lost on the Honda engineers. I moved it to a lower position where a bolt mounts another item. No, I did not use the original Main Relay but I believe that by remounting the relay to this or another position that has some airflow that the relay would surely work.

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Q: If a 1990 Honda Accord LX is hard to start when hot and you know there is some engine oil in a couple of spark plugs would that be the reason?
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