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check your coil,ignition control module and your conections.if your vehicle is equipped with a distributor checked for any carbon tracing any broken contacts and check the rotor.

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Q: If a 1993 Celica ST overheated and died and now has no spark but there is fuel and combustion what could be wrong?
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Spark plug gap for a 1982 Celica?

The spark plug gap in a 1982 Toyota Celica should measure .044 inches. This is equal to about 1.1 mm.

How does an engine or motor work?

with combustion .. their are 3 componats of combustion -gas - air - and spark .. which creates combustion

What is combustion in vehicle?

when the piston and valve meet the fuel is compressed and with spark you have combustion

2000 Toyota Celica what is the spark plug gaps setting?


Which are the original spark plugs for Toyota Celica GTS?

Denso IK20

How does internal combustion take place?

In density and pressure by both the internal combustion spark done with the heat in the atmosphere combustion.

What is the spark plug gap on a 1991 Toyota Celica?

set you gap at .031

What are stages of combustion in CI engines?

Intake, compression, power/combustion, exhaust. Same as a standard SI (Spark Ignition) CI (Combustion Ignition) is how diesel operates. They contain no spark plugs. The compression heats the fuel to the point of SELF COMBUSTION .

Why your Jet Ski gets overheated?

fuel + spark = fire = heat, no water = overheat

Why wont your 1992 Toyota celica start it turns over has spark and fuel?

If it has spark & fuel and will not start then the timing may be off.

What are the requirments for combustion?

Fuel Oxygen Ignition (spark)

What are spark plugs?

These are components that are attached to the combustion chamber that when activated supply a "spark" to ignite the atomized fuel that is in the combustion chamber providing power to make engine run

Can spark plugs cause engine to run lean?

Yes. It happened to me when I used the wrong spark plugs on my celica. If you're using the correct spark plugs and its still running lean it could be an in take leak, faulty maf sensor, dirty fuel filter or injectors.

What has the author H N Pouliot written?

H. N. Pouliot has written: 'A variable-displacement spark-ignition engine' -- subject(s): Internal combustion engines, Spark ignition, Spark ignition Internal combustion engines

What will keep a 1993 Eclipse from starting?

Lack of one or more of the following: Spark, Fuel, Combustion. Also the timing could be way off.

What is a good aftermarket spark plug for a 2002 Toyota Celica?

Pulstar Iridium Pulse Plug

What is spark plug gap size for 2000 Toyota celica gt 1.8 liter?

It is .044

What are si and ci engines?

SI engine means Spark Ignition Engine where combustion products(air,fuel)are ignited in combustion chamber by means of spark from spark plug which is located on cylinder head..CI engine means Compression Ignition Engine,here combustion is take place by means of compression..

Your car is flooded and it wont start and gas is commig out the tailpipe?

Obviously there is no spark occurring. Without spark, the fuel will not ignite. This could be caused by too much fuel in the cylinder and not enough oxygen there for the combustion.

What is a Spark Ignition Internal Combustion Engine?

That is your standard gasoline engine found in most cars today. Fuel/air mixture is ignited by a timed spark, controlled combustion creates power.

Is a spark plug a part of the ignition system?

YES! the spark plug ignites the fuel mixture and causes combustion

What could be the problem when each time you crank your vehicle it puts out smoke from the back?

Incomplete combustion from the engine. Check the spark plug and the air intake.

Your 95 Chevy cavalier overheated and now it won't start you have spark and fuel and heads and gasket are fine?

If a 1995 Chevy Cavalier overheated and will not start, try checking some of the sensors near the radiator. The radiator could be leaking which caused the overheating, and in turn, caused a sensor to get wet in the engine compartment.

What is the spark plug gap for a 1996 Toyota Celica?

ST 4 Cyl.1.8L - Gap 0.032

What causes white smoke in small engines?

White smoke could be a sign of many different issues:The engine could have overheated from excess use.The engine could be low on oil.There may be air filtration problems.The spark plug could be injured.Carburetor could need to be cleaned.