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If a 1995 3.1 Olds engine seems to have air in the cooling system how do you purge it?


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Regarding the problem of air in the cooling system, the proper filling prodedure can be found in the owners manual. If you don't have one, it's a simple matter of starting with the engine cold. Locate the cooling system bleed valve. It is usually on the top of the thermostat housing. When you have located the bleed valve, carefully open it one or two turns by holding the locknut with a wrench and loosening the brass screw with a common screwdriver. With the bleed valve open, fill the radiator through the neck until full or until a small amount of coolant appears at the bleed valve. The close the bleed valve, and fill the radiator completely through the neck. Put the Radiator cap on and fill the cooling system overflow/recovery tank to the proper level markings on the side of the tank. Start the engine and check for leaks etc, while letting the engine warm up. Watch the temperature lights, gauge to ensure that the engine doesn't overheat in the event of airlock.

If you have completed this procedure and still feel that there is air in the system, repeat this procedure after letting the engine cool down completely. Try to locate where the leak is. If air is getting in, coolant is getting out.

The bleed screw can be opened slightly or "cracked" while the engine is running to release additional air trappped in the system, however it is not recommended, due to the obvious concerns regarding hot steam, burns, and safety.

Coolant Type - It is very important to use a good quality GM approved coolant. Do not operate this engine for any length of time with the radiator filled with pure water. Using water may cause Head Gasket failure and severe engine drivetrain damage.


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Hyundai got excellent cooling system, you might have a little hole in your radiator that affects cooling circulation pressure? check if you have tight cooling system pressure.COCORICO

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I am a Ford master techician but I have an '87 camaro and have run into the same problem. It seems that no matter how much you try to bleed the system it will not purge the air. I own a tool that is primarily used for placing coolant systems under a vacuum and then, while the cooling system is under vacuum, it sucks in the coolant leaving the system air free. I had to use this device on my clutch system to get the air out and it was very decisive.

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Yes Very Hard On This Engine240 Degrees Fahrenheit seems excessive. I have seen some engines run as high as 220, but for this engine I would think 240 is above the normal operating temp. I would perform a complete cooling system service including replacing the thermostat, checking the water pump, cooling fan, flushing the system, and cleaning the exterior of the radiator fins. Yes, it can be very harsh on the engine. What you can do is order a temp. relay for Summit Racing Equipment. This relay will start the cooling fans before 240. Which will keep you on the road that much longer and protect your engine from blowing.

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The engine is running too hot. It is a 6 year old car, so you need to service the cooling system. Drain and flush the cooling system, replace the thermostat, clean the front of the radiator of all debris, and reinstall a 50/50 mix of the proper anti-freeze and distilled water. I also have a 2001 impala with the same problem - both fans stay on. This happens even if I turn on the engine (cold engine) and shut it off right away. Thus, I do not believe that the car is overheating. I was told that it maybe related to the air conditioning system, because usually both fans only come on -when the engine is hot due to the extra heat from the air conditioning. I was also told that it could be a sticking relay etc. My Impala has about 70,000 miles and the cooling system was flushed a couple of years ago. I think the answer given was too simple and most likely incorrect. It is interesting that I have a similar car wtih the same problem. Don I got some info from another web-site & it seems to work: With the engine off and the fan running disconnect the negative terminal from the battery. Reconnect the battery ~ this is suppose to reset system. Don

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