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It's the timing belt. Plain and simple. Had the same problem . Changed the cam and crank sensors, the computer and the ignition coil pack. Trust me it's the timing.

not always and can be as simple as plugs and wires


It's not always the timing. Mine did the same thing, it turned out to be a loose primary wire to the coil. Apparently this isn't an uncommon problem.

The intake gaskets are known to leak around the 65k-85k mark, and while you're at it, you might as well replace the timing belt and water pump.

The Camshaft position senor dies on these cars. It is a $50 dollar part that can easiy be replaced in the front of the engine.

when it dies the cars stalls while running and restarts but runs poorly. It seems to be a fuel pump problem but acts like a car with 5000000 miles on it or a worn camshaft. Change the sensor and itll run like new..

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Q: If a 1996 Dodge Intrepid recently died and you replaced the fuel pump but now you are not getting a spark what could be wrong?
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