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If your car blows A LOT of white smoke out the tailpipe and it smells sweet, your coolant is probably seeping into the motor through a leak in the head gasket. Check the inside of your oil cap for whitish sludge - this indicates coolant in the oil and usually verifies a head gasket leak.

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Q: If a 2001 Ford Focus runs out of antifreeze quickly and the heat turns to cold when this happens you but there is no leak what else could be wrong?
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Could antifreeze be leaking from the water pump gasket?

Yes, antifreeze can leak from a water pump gasket.

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Where could the antifreeze be going in a 1996 explorer?

out the tail pipe

Why 97 grand caravan leaks antifreeze on bottom it could be a water pump?

if it rear air and heat it could be the line carring the antifreeze tho the back heater core.

Will a thermostat cause the car to overheat?

Thermostats determine when antifreeze enters the main cooling system. If the thermostat isn't working correctly, the antifreeze could enter the engine to late, (or not at all) resulting in an over heating engine. Another problem of having antifreeze enter the engine late, is that if your engine is very hot, possibly a little warmer than common, when the antifreeze enters the engine, the cold fluid could cause the engine block to cool down quickly, causing a cracked engine block.

Cream colored paste in antifreeze?

Could be oil mixing with antifreeze indicating a bad head gasket Are you losing motor oil?

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Antifreeze could be running out often due to a leak. It is important to inspect the radiator for small cracks or smoke.

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How can i fix my idol that keeps going up and down in your 93 integra?

check the antifreeze sensor as it could of been damage. or there could be some sort of air in betweenthe antifreeze hoese

Why does your dodge ram 1500 uses a lot of antifreeze?

Could be a few things. Does it leak antifreeze? if so, fix the part that leaks. If not, you could have coolant mixing with oil inside the engine, which burns it. check your spark plugs. If they are white, you are probably burning antifreeze - fix immediately. your exhaust will smell "sweet" as well if you are burning antifreeze.

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