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Answer#1NO, a baby born in the united states is an American citizen,no matter if their parents are illegals. Mexican government does not consider that child as a Mexican citizen unless the parents do the process to get a double nationality, which means, that infant is American citizen and Mexican citizen. Answer#2The writer of the previous statement should know a bit more of the Mexican Government and constitution, I challenge the truthfulness of this answer and I must add that as Mexican I speak with better knowledge of the law system in Mexico and so I answer that question like this: An Infant born outside the borders of Mexico from one or two Mexican parents is Mexican, An Infant born inside the Land,waters or any properties of Mexico from Mexican parents Is Mexican, an Infant born In Mexico (Land, Waters, or Properties) but not of Mexican Parents Is Mexican.

Paz,Justicia,Tierra, y Libertad.

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Can a Mexican citizen get a divorce in Oregon?

Can a Mexican citizen get divorced in Illinois, United States.

How can a US citizen get a divorce from a Mexican citizen?

The U.S. citizen files divorce proceedings in the U.S. county where he or she lives and the fact that the defendant is a Mexican citizen does not prevent the plaintiff from obtaining a judgment of divorce. If the Mexican spouse is not physically present in the United States, that will make it more difficult to serve necessary court papers, but not impossible.

What is the term for a person of Mexican origin who is born an American citizen?

Any person born in the United States is Considered to be an American Citizen. A person of Mexican origin may call themselves Mexican American, but the correct term is American.

What Tabasco and Chihuahua are in the Mexican government?

Tabasco and Chihuahua are essentially states in the Mexican government. Just like the United States, Mexico is divided into many different districts.

How did the Mexican government feel about the annexation of Texas by the US?

The Mexican Government felt that The United States had taken their land away from them illegally.

What did the Mexican government hope to accomplish by encouraging people from the United States to settle in Texas?

Mexican government encouraged Americans to settle in Texas because the Mexican government hoped Americans would develop the land.

Does Mexico have a parliament or a congress government?

Mexican has a congressional form of government that includes the executive, judicial and legislative branches. In addition, the federal government is known as the United Mexican States.

Does Mexico's national government have less power than Mexican state?

Yes, Mexico's national government has less power than Mexican states. This is true because too many Mexican states enjoy watching and singing along in the hit movie, Nemo. :)

Can you be a citizen of Florida and not a citizen of the US?

There is no such thing as "Florida citizenship". Florida does not have the authority to issue citizenship, as the government of Florida is a subordinate to the federal government of the United States. You can be a Florida resident without being a US citizen, but you cannot actually be a citizen of Florida.

Can a US citizen fly with a Mexican passport from the US?

Yes, as you would qualify as a Mexican citizen. However, problems would arise if you try to go back to the States, as you would be subject to all immigration requirements for non-US citizens.

How Mexican do you have to to get money from united States government?

Appearently you have to be illegal. Screw this economy...

What documents does a US citizen need to take to Mexico to marry a Mexican citizen there?

You will need your valid US passport, your tourist card (document given to you upon entry into Mexico) and, in some Mexican states, you will need a copy of your birth certificate with a certified Spanish translation.

Does a Mexican citizen citizen need a visa to enter Puerto Rico?

Yes. With very few exceptions, all Mexican Nationals must acquire a visa from the US Embassy or a Consulate in Mexico to enter the United States or any of its territories, like Puerto Rico.

What caused President Wilson to attempt to overthrow the Mexican government?

The government of Mexico was unstable. Wilson wanted a strong government that was favorable to the United States.

Can a citizen of Mexico obtain American citizenship by virtue of same-sex marriage to a citizen of the United States?

Yes, an American citizen may sponsor a same-sex Mexican spouse for a visa, permanent residency and, ultimately, citizenship.

Can an illegally stayed mother with an U.S citizen child stay in US legally?

Your child is a U.S. citizen, you're not. You have to go to the United States government site and see what you can do to become a U.S. citizen.

Can a Mexican citizen visit Europe?

Of course; all you need is a valid passport. No visas are required unless you connect flights in the United States.

Is it true that the Missouri constitution helps establish federal laws and treaties?

The answer is yes. The US system is a Federal system. It depends on both states and the National governments to form the Federal Government. The states ratified and created the National government thru the US Constitution. The National Government is obligated by the US Constitution to protect the states and continue the states. Each citizen of the USA is a citizen of a state and the National government. In the USA system (our system) neither the states nor the National government can exist without the other level of government. All levels of government exist by the just consent of the governed (the people).

Do Mexican citizens with permanent residency in the US need a Mexican passport or visa to travel to Germany?

Yes, a Mexican who is a permanent US resident would need a Mexican passport and Visa to travel outside of the United States. If he or she were a naturalized US citizen they would need a US passport.

Why did the Mormon battalion fight the Mexican-American war?

The Mormon Battalion fought in the Mexican-American War because they were asked to by the United States Government.

Can a Russian citizen have duel citizenship with the United States?

The United States Government does not recognized "dual citizenship". The government puts people in 2 categories: 1. U.S. citzens 2. Aliens

What is the 15th amend?

The fifteenth amendment states that the United States government cannot deny any citizen the right to vote based on race or color.

What Mexican states border the United states?

Six Mexican states border the United States. The Mexican states are Baja California, Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, and Tamaulipas.

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