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Answer#1NO, a baby born in the united states is an American citizen,no matter if their parents are illegals. Mexican government does not consider that child as a Mexican citizen unless the parents do the process to get a double nationality, which means, that infant is American citizen and Mexican citizen. Answer#2The writer of the previous statement should know a bit more of the Mexican Government and constitution, I challenge the truthfulness of this answer and I must add that as Mexican I speak with better knowledge of the law system in Mexico and so I answer that question like this: An Infant born outside the borders of Mexico from one or two Mexican parents is Mexican, An Infant born inside the Land,waters or any properties of Mexico from Mexican parents Is Mexican, an Infant born In Mexico (Land, Waters, or Properties) but not of Mexican Parents Is Mexican.

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Q: If a Mexican couple has an infant in the United States does the Mexican government consider that child a Mexican citizen?
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