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If a Mitsubishi Montero Sport transfer case is stuck in 4L how do you free it up to shift?


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I've played with my fruck in mud and water and when I had to take it outta 4L i made sure the truck was in neutral and that i was sititng still. Place pressure downward on the lever when shifting. Play with the car shifting from neutral to drive while rolling... it should come out


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A bad A/T Control Relay switch may be the reason your light is blinking on the N of the shift gear in your Mitsubishi Montero Sport. The part will need to be ordered from the dealership to fix it.

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If you have a manual transmission, put it in neutral, release the clutch, press the clutch, then shift the transfer case. By double clutching it allows the transfer case to sync up. Come to a complete stop and place the transmission in neutral. Then shift the transfer case.

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