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Not until he/she gets a green card or at least permission by the USCIS, based on your marriage in Mexico. Now about the name jumble: It would be in his/her favor that he/she did not use his/her real name in the USA while illegal, specially since he/she has been deported at least once. That is if he/she never used his/her real name while illegally in the USA, so as far as the INS is concerned, he/she was never here (the USA). That said, I hope that he/she used his/her real name when she married you in Mexico. I think you know why. Now, go to the USCIS or an Immigration attorney and file the paperwork to bring you foreing husband/wife to the USA. Actually, it's OK if he/she (the immigrant) used his/her real name while illegally in the U.S. As long as he/she did not give his/her real name when deported. The reason for this is the possible 3 to 10-year ban for entering the country illegally AND being deported at least once.

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2005-11-15 07:29:30
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Q: If a US citizen marries a Mexican illegal immigrant in Mexico who has been deported twice and lived in the US under a false identity can he move back to the US with his spouse and become a US citizen?
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If an immigrant has misdemeanor charges can he be deported?

If he is an illegal immigrant he probably will be. If he is legally in the coutnry he will be afforded the same court privileges as a citizen.

If illegal immigrant have a child to British citizen can the child get a British passport?

Both of you will be deported

Can an illegal immigrant with a felony record get a work permit after marrying a citizen?

No you should be deported

If an illegal immigrant mother is deported what happens to her citizen child if his US citizen father is deceased?

The CitiZen Chil will be adopted by Federal / State

If an illegal immigrant mother is deported what happens to her citizen child if his father is a us citizen and they were unwed?

the child goes to the father

What can a US citizen do to keep her illegal immigrant spouse from being deported back to Mexico?

The citizen spouse has no recourse to the action as US immigration laws no longer allow a citizen spouse to apply for residency for an illegal immigrant spouse. The Mexican national will have to leave the US and file under the required USCIS regulations for reentry.

How can an illegal immigrant that is married to a US citizen and has children be deported?

no green card or faulty marriage

Can can immigrant be deported for shoplifting?

Shoplifting isn't a serious crime, however, if the shoplifter is illegal and the police find out, it's a huge possibility that the illegal could be deported. If the immigrant is a legal U.S. citizen, then no.

If a teen has a kid with another teen but the men is a immigrant?

the imagrant should be deported or become a citizen. technicly the baby is a legal citizen.

You are a us citizen married to a Mexican citizen who was deported How can he get a visitor visa?

Probably a ten-year wait if at all.

Can an illegal immigrant be deported if he has a child who is a us citizen with a woman who is also a us citizen?

Yes, if his status is brought to the attention of the immigration authorities.

If you marry a Mexican citizen would he become a citizen then or would he have to take the test to become a US citizen?

IF YOU MARRY A MEXICAN, HE DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY BECOME AN AMERICAN CITIZEN. THE ONLY THING THAT MARRAIGE ESTABLISHES WHEN YOU MARRY A MEXICAN IS PERMANENT RESIDENT ALIEN STATUS FOR HIM. HE CAN ONLY KEEP THIS IF YOU REMAIN MARRIED FOR A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF YEARS. IF HE WISHES TO BECOME A CITIZEN, HE MUST TAKE THE TEST AND PASS. I married an illegal Mexican immigrant and I was told by an immigration officer that he can be deported until we have been approved for a visa number, but that some immigration officers will be lenient if the immigrant has papers with him showing that the process is underway.

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