If a dirty bomb is detonated in the United States what will be the official response by the US government?


Well, assuming the president is still alive he/she would make a public address, blame it on Al Queda, and proceed to attack a small country with oil and/or other valuable resources for dubious reasons while hailing themselves as heroes. Any first world nation who disagrees with this will be insulted and ridiculed in rather pathetic ways that they dont care about. (IE freedom fries) Any second or third world nation who disagrees will be accused of either sympathizing with the fictional terrorists from this nation or aiding and abiding them.


I see we have a member of "Blame America First" here. Gee, if we could only figure out what we have done to make them mad at us we could all be happy. If a dirty bomb is detonated in the US, perhaps some of these people will finally realize that there is a WAR and we are the target of fanatical hatred that is NOT our fault.

Sad thing is the powers that be sitting in Washington adjusting their 10 gal hats know why we are often targeted, Uncle Sam butts his head into too many others affairs. We create and manufacture dictators, who become de facto terrorist or believed to harbor them, when it is convenient to the government, and then when their usefulness is done they are discarded or overthrown, on trumped up charges.

If a dirty bomb or any other significant attack happened on American soil the is think would be vengeance, payback, and it don't matter who so long as they had no military that could come near to equaling Uncle Sam's. If Chinese nationals who were not acting on behalf of China carried out the attack the US would not give them the Taliban treatment. They would not say "find them and hand them over or you will not be in charge next year" Uncle Sam would pretty much just suck it up because they will not bomb China. If it were Chavez's nationals from Venezuela it would be a totally different story. He, Chavez, would not have to know members from his nation carried it out; he would be vilifies here and attacked. Good old American foreign policy hypocrisy.