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If a fuel pump relay is going bad in a 1997 Oldmobile Bravada will it cause the fuel pump to not turn on and the vehicle to stall?

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2011-09-14 11:51:06

if a fuel pump relay is bad the fuel pump will not even come on.

It could cause the vehicle to stall but I would look elsewhere

first. Have a mechanic check the fuel pressure. You can check the

relay by applying 12 volts to the coil side of the relay and that

will cause the contacts to close and you can check voltage at the

contact side of the relay. If your fuel pressure is fine I would

check the ignition system. Are you getting fire to all your spark

plugs. Is the check engine light on? The ignition control module

can cause a stall when it get hot. More troubleshooting is needed

to pin point the problem..

1997 are prone to having a bad ignition switch. It can cause

stalling, hard shifting, crazy dashlights, hard start, no


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