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if a fuel pump relay is bad the fuel pump will not even come on. It could cause the vehicle to stall but I would look elsewhere first. Have a mechanic check the fuel pressure. You can check the relay by applying 12 volts to the coil side of the relay and that will cause the contacts to close and you can check voltage at the contact side of the relay. If your fuel pressure is fine I would check the ignition system. Are you getting fire to all your spark plugs. Is the check engine light on? The ignition control module can cause a stall when it get hot. More troubleshooting is needed to pin point the problem..

1997 are prone to having a bad ignition switch. It can cause stalling, hard shifting, crazy dashlights, hard start, no start,

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What actions can cause your vehicle to rollover?

A tall vehicle maybe a double-decker going round a tight turn at a high speed

If your vehicle speed sensor is going out would that cause your check engine light to come on?

It could

What would cause a vehicle to shudder when air conditioner is on?

Clutch bearing may be going out on kompressor.

How you know when the fuil pump is bad on 2002 Mazda tribute?

When a fuel pump is bad the vehicle will not start. A fuel pump that is going bad may cause the vehicle to shut off while going down the road.

Do you need reasonable suspicion or probable cause to stop a vehicle?

If the officer feels that there might be something illegal going on in the vehicle he/she is allowed to pull your over. Probable cause is basically speeding, DUI, basic rules of the road violations.

Do you have to allow an officer of the law to search your car if you are stopped for a traffic violation?

No. Officers can only search your vehicle if 1) you consent or 2) if they have probable cause. If the officer has probable cause to search your vehicle, they generally won't ask you for permission, but will instead tell you that they are going to search your vehicle. Whether probable cause for a search exists depends on the circumstances.

What should you do when going down a steep grade in a heavy vehicle?

what should you do when going down a steep grade in a heavy vehicle?

How can you tell if the fuel pump or transmission is going out on an automatic car?

Bad fuel pump will cause the engine to stall or not start at all. A bad automatic transmission will cause the vehicle to jerk and not run smoothly.

The fuel regulator in my 94 Olds bravada is going bad what is it where is it how do you fix it and would it be worth it to fix this in a 13yr old vehicle?

cheap to fix, it is a 39 dollar part and can be fixed in 30 min or less. it is located inside the intake manifold very easy fix, and a VERY common problem!!!

What would cause the alternator in a 1998 Oldsmobile bravada to keep going bad?

AnswerLoose or corroded battery cable? Ive had the same problem had it replaced 3 times in one year. they said its just a defect on oldsmobiles. If you leave the accessory on at all it seams to trigger it.

Can a vehicle in front of you on the highway be going the same speed as you if you keep the same distance apart?

Yes because if the car in front of you was going faster, the distance between the vehicle your in and the one in front of you would grow but, if the car was going slower than the speed your going, the vehicle will become closer. :)

Where is the ignition module located in a 1994 Oldsmobile bravada?

its attached to the distributor, right at the base, should have two electrical plugs going into it, one from the coil

What is going on when your security light for a 1998 bravada blinks and car won't start?

if you have a "chipped " key, the security system is not recognizing the signal. Have you tried a spare key.?

What is the line called that you put freon in a car?

The line that you fill freon to in a car is known as the fill line. Going past the line can cause overflow, or even damage your vehicle.

93 chevey 3.1 engine runs rough idleing and the check engine lite stays on engine smooths out going what would cause that?

Have vehicle scanned to determine the problem

1998 Oldsmobile Bravada the Horn doesn't work the back window doesn't popup and the cig lighter doesn't work Is this a fuse issue?

u need to check te fuses but also try and check if there is going any power to the flasher and might be the cause of multiple lost of power..

Is it still unlawful use of a vehicle if the owner knew the vehicle was going to be returned?

Of course. If it was taken without the owners permission how are they supposed to know who took it or if it was going to be returned to them?

Can going on disneycom cause a virus?

no this can not cause a virus.

Does workmens comp cover you when going to or coming home from work?

It may if you are driving a company vehicle and are on company time. However, if you are driving your own vehicle and are simply going to or coming home from work, the only coverage you have is your vehicle insurance.

Your 2002 Olds Bravada is running at around 3000rpms going at a speed of 70 mph which is to high what are your suggestions?

get a tune-up change your plugs and wires and your cap and rotor

If a girl you like says shes going to walk across the highway to see you what do you say?

I would say no and ask her to stop because if she does that, her life can be lost by a vehicle which will also cause my love.

Why does your 98' Chrysler sebring jxi 2.5l jerk while driving?

It is important for a vehicle to run smoothly, and give the passengers a smooth ride. The cause of this vehicle jerking could be due to lack of electrical flow, lack of fuel or the computer going bad.

What cause your tires to keep going bad?

Your alignment could be off. Meaning your tires are either facing out a bit, or facing in a bit. This can cause your tires to go bad. Your local garage should be able to do a alignment on your vehicle to straighten things up.

What types of vehicles qualify for a commercial vehicle loan?

Any vehicle that is going to be used for commercial purposes would qualify for a commercial vehicle loan. You will also have to have commercial insurance on the vehicle.

Your Oldsmobile Bravada power locks are going nuts they lock and unlock by themselves all of the time even when the car is not running what would cause this to happen?

My mechanic found a wire under the driver's side seat that had rubbed bare and was touching the metal underneath and triggering the locks to activate randomly on their own.