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It is best for everyone to do weights and cardio work outs. Aerobics are cardio, that will help the heart and to burn fat. Weights will help with muscle grownth and strength.

you cant turn fat into muscle but you can loose fat and gain muscle. you will burn more callories outside of the gym with more muscle mass and you should use both weights and weight training together to get great bennifits.

weights are great for the bones, muscles and look of your body, Cardio is great for your heart, lung efficiency and metabolism.

you could end your weight workout with 30 minutes on some aerobic activity, or do weights one day and cardio the next.

YOU CAN NOT TURN BODY FAT INTO MUSCLE! THEY ARE TWO DIFFERENT TYPES OF TISSUE!!! the trick is... build muscle and do cardio.... when u build muscle, the muscle needs more calories, therefor, when your doing cardio, your burning more calories. so when ur building muscle, ur metabolism is much higher. but do not ONLY do muscle work, if u do, u will just have muscle under the fat.... combine it with cardio! and of course eat healthy...:)

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Q: If a girl works out with weights instead of aerobic exercise will she get faster results and turn body fat into muscle?
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Is lifting weights aerobic exercise?

no it is an anerobic:)

Is lifting weights an aerobic or anaerobic exercise?

of coures it is

Is a weight machine good for Aerobic exercise?

Yes working with weights counts as Aerobic.

Whats the difference between aerobic exercise and resistance exercise?

Aerobic exercise is for keeping the body flexible and in shape and is great for burning calories. It is good exercise for the heart as well. Resistance exercise is lifting weights or using weight machines in order to build or maintain muscle mass.

How can you turn your flab into muscle?

Exercise with weights. If it is flabby muscle this will be sufficient. If there is fat as well you will have to eat an energy controlled dietand take aerobic exercise.

What type of exercise burns more calories per hour - aerobic or weights?

Aerobic excercise burns more calories per hour versus weight training.

What are two main classes of physical activity?

Aerobic exercise (like jogging) and muscle toning (like lifting weights).

What are some examples of beginner's aerobic exercise?

Some examples of begginer's aerobic exercise including lift light weights, small sprints that don't leave you too exhausted, plenty of water to make sure you stay hydrated.

Can lifting weights be an exercise?

Lifting weights is an exercise

Is running a 100 meter dash and lifting weights an example of an aerobic exercise?

you are a cheater!:) i tried typing in the same thing ... haha

Will one of those aerobic step things work with weights?

Yes, any weights can be simultaneously used with an aerobic step.


I am 47 years old and try to do exercise both aerobic and strenght weights. My Doctor is asking me to do only brisk walk due to my age. Can any one tell me if there is an age relation with exercise>

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