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There is no way of really knowing. You may be seeing something that isn't there and he may or may not be trying to make you jealous. The best thing to do is ignore him. It's really quite immature of him to try and make you jealous. You now have no option but to just wait it out and see where he goes from there. Mmmmm, I wonder whatever happened to walking up to a girl and just asking her out? Good luck Marcy

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Q: If a guy at work seems to be trying to make you jealous does it mean he could possibly like you and how can you really be sure?
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If your ex is trying to make you jealous does that mean he still has feelings for you?

alot of the time yes it does. That or he's trying to win the breakup lol. He has no need to make you jealous if he doesn't love still love you. He could just move and be happy but he has this urge of jealously. Or he could be jealous of you.

When a girl asks your mate a question not you and your standing next to your mate and she sez his name not yours?

It could mean several things. maybe she likes your friend not you. or she is trying to make you jealous ( she likes you) you can tell if she's trying to make you jealous by flirting with him but always glancing at you. She's most likely trying to make you jealous. Wish i could help more

What does it mean when a guy says he likes you but then gets a girlfriend?

it could be his way of telling you that he likes you but as a friend and not as a girlfriend, or he could actually really like you and is trying t make you jealous, hope this helped :) xx

What are some signs that your crush is jealous or upset with or about you?

If the person who has a crush on you starts trying to make you jealous, or ignores you for no reason apparent to you, then you could wonder why and kinda put it together that they may be in fact jealous. Jealousy is really a possessive look for signs of not wanting to share you...or watchfulness of you with other people. I think too, if they ignore you out of the blue when your pretty sure you did nothing wrong could figure out that they may be jealous.

How can you tell a boy is jelous of you?

well a boy really wouldn't be jealous of you he is probably going to be jeaalous of the person you are with ( a boy ) you could tell by if he is always staring at you two are trying to start probelms ,

If your ex keeps flirting wid other guys in your face what do you do even if your emo?

If she is doing that means she is trying to make u jealous, trying to get a reaction from you. Just ignore her or u could flirt with girls to make her jealous.

You like this guy and he is in your class and you think he tries to impress you does he like you?

He could like you or he could be trying to make someone else jealous.

How do you make your classmate jealous?

It's not really good to try to get someone jealous. It could backfire really bad on me. But it depends on who you wanna get jealous...if its a boy/girl then just pay no mind to him/her but pay attention to some of his/her closest friends. =]]

What does it mean when a guy tells a girl that he got another girls phone number?

Either he's really just telling you because he's telling you, or he's trying to make you jealous. Now, a lot of girls get confused at the mention of jealousy. Just because he's trying to make you jealous, does NOT in any way mean he likes you. Now, it's possible he could but, there is no guarentee.

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Is it ok that your boyfriend is jealous of your best female friend?

The only way that he could be possibly be jealous is if you spend more time talking or doing other things with her rather than your dude. You really can't say too much about the jealousy because its a matter of how he trult feels. He'll just have too eventually get over it or accept the fact that that is your "BEST FRIEND" and he is your"BOYFRIEND". You could just always let him know what it really is OR just keep your friendships and relationships seperate.

Why do friends get upset about what others are doing?

they could be jealous or just really care about that person's feelings, life, etc

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What if a guy likes you but you see him with a girl everyday he hangs out with he trying to make me jealous?

Maybe, but he probably just likes her better Probably is trying to make you jealous. To make you want him! And he could just not want to show that he likes you. OR maybe because he knows that you know he likes you, and he's embarrased.

What to do when a friend points out negative things about you like pimpils or poofy hair or saying you have a weird laugh and other comments about how you look and then thinks its funny?

it could mean they are really jealous or they really aren't your friend and may be trying to take advantage of you for something? Just talk about there flaws and see what happens

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What does it mean when a guy is jealous when a girl talks about another guy n he gets mad?

Honey, that means he likes the girl and dependeing on the type of girl SHE is she could just be trying to make him jealous because she likes him or she could be trying to make YOU mad as well if you two have problems with each other. Another out come could be because (its common in society today) he is gay (or bisexual)... depending on the type of guy he is.

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What does it mean when a guy like making out with girls and tells you?

He could be telling you that just because you're friends and he trusts you, he could be bragging or he could be trying to make you jealous. It all depends on the type of relationship you have with that guy.

You are jealous of your best friend who is gorgeous rich and can have any man she wants what do you do?

Co_okie here, It's perfectly normal to feel jealous of your friend. She odviously has alot to be jealous of. But if she is a good friend and doesen't flaunt these sort of things at you all the time, she would understand if you feel a bit jealous. Just think about what you have and what she could be jealous of (but don't flaunt that either). If she's purposely trying to make you jealous, RUN! It won't get any better and she really isn't acting like your friend. Make sure she understands that. Finally, swallow yourself in friendship that doesn't stop at appearances and things. That is what will make you happy! Good luck!

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