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If a guy paid for your lunch should you pay for his lunch next time?

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If you work together and are just friends the next time you go for lunch tell him you insist it's your treat. If you are becoming serious about each other then let him keep paying.

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Idiom Do lunch in a sentence?

Let's do lunch some time next week.

Can you count your lunch time as part of your salaried time?

Well, if you are salaried in the sence that you do not swipe in an out before going to lunch, then it is already included. You will not get paid more for lunch.

Can you have lunch next week?

Yes, I think i will, what time? And where?

Should middle school have a longer lunch?

It depends. The times allowed for lunch vary from school to school. If lunch time is so short that the last students through the lunch line do not have time to eat without rushing, they should have a longer lunch time.

Lunch invitation letter sample?

A lunch invitation letter should include the occasion for the lunch. The invitation letter should also include the location and time of the lunch.

If a person work 80 hrs but only get paid for 71 hrs and be told that it is deducted from your lunch?

People who are paid an hourly wage generally do not get paid for their lunch time. But this is not considered a deduction. Your paycheck statement should show the hours you work during each pay period. Your statement should indicate that you actually worked and are being paid for 71 hours (or 35.5 hours per week.) If you have not been taking the designated time for lunch and have instead worked through that time, you were doing it gratis. There is no benefit to you in working more hours than the company intends to pay you. When you are hired for a 40 hour work week with an hour each day for lunch it means you are working 35 and eating 5 of those hours. The reason they may be stating it that way is so you understand that the lunch time is specific during each day and that from the time you arrive at work in the morning until the time you quit for the day, a total of 8 hours has been spent "at the job".

Is it law to get paid lunch hours when working full time?

No federal law requires it, some states do.

How many calories should you eat at lunch time?


Should kids go to town on lunch time?

No No kids should not go to town during lunch time as there would be heavy traffic congestion and waste of petrol on travelling long distances

What time is lunch when it is noon?

12:00-12:30around that time you should be hungry

If you have lunch in lunch time what will you have in dinner time?


what time is it its time for lunch?

hey whats for lunch ?

Is the sentence 'let's do lunch some time next week' an idiom?

The sentence is not, because an idiom is usually a phrase. The idiom is "do lunch," which means to have lunch together, usually while discussing business.

How can you keep refrigerated food safe when packing food for a lunch?

use an insulated lunch bag, not a lunch box put the lunch inside the bag, refrigerate for a while til the bag is cold and it should last until lunch time.

Does the sentence below need a semicolon He was hungry it was hours past lunch time?

Yes, it does. You can tell by putting a period in the spot where you think the semicolon should go and see if it makes sense. For example: He was hungry it was hours past lunch time. He was hungry. It was hours past lunch time. He was hungry; it was hours past lunch time.

How do you say time for lunch in dutch?

'time for lunch' is in Dutch 'tijd voor de lunch'

What time do Chinese schools have lunch?

at lunch time of course

What time do families eat lunch in argentina?

Lunch time ;)

When is official lunch time in UK?

There is no 'official' lunch time.

Should middle school students be able to sit wherever they want during lunch?

Educators have various ideas about this. Some think that lunch should be a very relaxed time and that students should sit with their friends. Other educators believe that it is good for students to learn to spend time with various people and to make new friends, and that lunch is the ideal time for this kind of socializing.

Italy lunch time?

What time do people eat lunch in Italy

Should schools have cafeterias?

yes because if one day you forget your lunch box at home your parent would have to wast there time taking your lunch to you

How soon should you feed your dragon after it wakes up?

you should feed your beardie around noon lunch time

in texas ,do employers have provide lunch if having meeting during lunch time?

“in texas ,do employers have provide lunch if having meeting during lunch time”

Is there a palindrome for time for lunch?

Maybe noon, it's a common time for lunch.

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