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Yes, a lien can be attached to any of your husbands assets.

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Q: If a judgment was filed in New York against your husband in his name only and you reside in Florida but everything you own is in both your names even your home can they place a lien on your home?
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Can they garnish the wife's wages for a repossession in Florida if the husband is out of work?

YES, if they get a judgment against you, garnishment is next.

If real property is held by husband and wife as tenants by the entireties does a judgment against one attach to the property?

If the title to real property is vested in a entireties estate, a money judgment would only attach if it is against BOTH the husband and the wife UNLESS the judgment is a Federal Tax Lien.

A creditor won a judgment against me and the estate of my marriage for a debt incurred prior to my marriage can my husband's wages be garnished to collect on this judgment?

If the husband was not liable for the debt, then his wages cannot be garnished to collect on the judgment. The judgment is against the person who incurred the debt.

Is wife responsible for judgment against husband made prior to marriage?

In this case, a wife is not responsible for a judgment made against the husband prior to the marriage. She may want to help clear up this date in case there are joint credit situations.

Does a wife have to testify against her husband in a criminal case in Florida?

A wife NEVER has to testify against her husband! However yOu will be STRONGLY encouraged to do so.

If a civil suit judgment is against the husband is the wife liable for any of the payment?

A civil suit judgment is against the person who is named in the lawsuit. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, the wife would not be liable for the payment.

What paintings is a metaphorical portrait intended to express judgment against a woman being unfaithful to her husband?

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Can collection agency sue husband for your debt?

Anybody can sue anybody for anything...However, unless you live in a community property state, your husband is not liable for any debt that he did not sign up for.IMPORTANT: if a creditor or collection agency does commence any legal action against your husband who is not legally a party to the debt, then your husband will have to defend himself otherwise the creditor can obtain a default judgment against your husband.A default judgment can happen if your husband fails to answer the law suit.The court will simply find your husband in default for failure to respond and enter a judgment against him in favor of the creditor.The creditor can then begin to garnish earnings or attach any other assets that can be located.If your husband is not legally obligated to pay the debt, then the best first thing to do is to send the collection agency a letter and communicate that fact to them.The above information should not be construed as offering legal advice.

When a judgment is awarded against a man and wife and his company and the husband files bankruptcy on the company but the wife is not a party to the bankruptcy can her wages be garnished?

If both persons were sued and a judgment awarded but only the husband filed bankruptcy and included the debt; the judgment can still be executed against any non-exempt property belonging to the wife and perhaps jointly owned property as well. The legal presumption is that the debt is still owed because it was jointly incurred.

Washington state If a judgment is awarded against the husband is the wife's assets in jeopardy?

Yes in most cases there will be a consequence. The spouse is considered to have benefited from the assets of the other.

Can they place a lien on your business property in Maryland for a deficiency judgment which is against you ex-husband in addition to you?

If both parties are named in the judgment, then a lien can be placed against the property of either or both parties. There may be, however, the possibility of appeal and removal of one party due to the dissolution of marriage.

In Texas What happens to a judgment against a husband by his wife during the divorce and the husband dies Does the judgment die also or is it passed on to the Dad which is the only aire?

In the state of Texas, if there are no children, the judgement stands, and the amount of the judgement would be handed down to the father, if he is the husband's only heir. This can however be taken to court and disputed.

If a judgment is awarded against the husband is the wife share of the home which is jointly owned in jeopardy?

The husband and wife are seen as one person in the eyes of the court. If the husband incurs a debt, the wife shares it. They should not be able to take your home, unless that was the collateral for whatever the case was about.

I am being sued over a car accident that my husband was involved in. Can my wages or teacher retirement be included in a default judgment?

If there is a default judgment against you, you will be responsible for the charges. Your wages could be garnished if you do not pay or set up a payment arrangement.

If a car is titled to husband and wife in Florida can a credit card company take it for a judgment if the card is in only one name?

No. Florida has the reputation of being a "debtor friendly state". In this case debts incurred before marriage cannot be applied to both spouses.

What is a precedent?

A judgment passed by a court in favour or against in any given type of case which never happened can become a Precedent. a Precedent is a reference judgment or case. For example: Transfer of petition in favour of husband never happened until very recently in the case of Dipankar Ghosh Vs Moukhi Dutta. Now this judgment of the supreme court will serve as a precedent on future Transfer of petition filed by husband in future cases

Judgment against you not your husband can IRS take your tax return?

Depends on the following: What was the judgment in question? Were you legally married/seperated/divorced/single at the time in question? Was the return filed jointly or seperately? I am afraid I cannot offer any other info without specifics.

In New York State I have a car titled and registered to me but a judgment was issued against my husband to seize the car can they still take the car?

Does the car hava a lien with a bank with your husbands name on it?

Can you put a lien on your exhusbands property due to back spouse support?

You would need to bring a court action against him and obtain a judgment in your favor. The judgment lien can then be recorded in the land records and your ex-husband couldn't refinance or sell the property unless he paid the lien.

Can a husband notarize a spouse document in Florida?


If your husband dies with a judgment against him what should you do with regard to the judgment?

Debts of a deceased person are addressed during probate procedure. All lenders are required to file a claim against the estate through the state's probate court. All US states have laws of succession (the manner in which an estate is distributed) with the surviving spouse and minor children being the first to be provided for. If the judgment is against the deceased spouse only and the married couple were not residents of a community property state the surviving spouse is not legally responsible for the judgment debt and it can be voided by the probate court or the surviving spouse. In some cases, no legal action is needed, the judgment becomes null and void upon the death of the debtor.

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Who was the child of bathsheba?

Bathsheba and King David's first child died shortly after birth as a judgment against King David for his sin in killing Bathsheba's husband Uriah. Her second child by King David was Solomon.

Can a lien be placed against a property which is in tenancy of the entirety but the judgment is against the husband only?

No. In most states that allow property ownership as "tenants in their entirety", a lien can only be placed against a property if all owners of record are included in the judgment. However, laws vary and most creditors will record the lien "just in case" the tenancy changes. The tenancy by the entirety could be broken by a death or divorce or if one partner conveys their interest to the other.

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