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Depending on how it is wrongly wired, it might appear to work or appear not to work. There is a severe risk of electrocution whenever switches are incorrectly wired. Get an expert to check it and rewire it properly. If this switch is not right, perhaps all the other circuits should be checked too!

I remember my ex-husband "trying" to wire a new light switch in the bathroom. Thinking he knew what he was doing, he tried wiring it like you would a wall receptical.

He routed the hot wire to one end of the switch, and the neutral to the other end. (shows how much he knew)

When he turned the breaker on, and flipped the wall switch, WOW, you should of seen what it did.

The wires literally jumped about 7 inches high near the junction box, there was a loud "thud" and the breaker naturally tripped.

I tried to tell him that you actually split the hot wire that is coming from the breaker box to the light itself and put each an end on each side of the wall switch, and the neutral runs from the breaker to the light and doesn't go near the switch at all.

I told him that it's not the same as a wall receptical, but dummy wouldn't listen.

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Q: If a light switch were wired wrong would it just not work?
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You likely wired it wrong. Not sure what you mean by "fizzle out".

What could be wrong if you replaced an existing ceiling fan with a fan with a light attachment and the fan and remote control work but the light does not although it is wired correctly?

Are you sure the light bulb is good? Perhaps it's not wired correctly even though you think it is, or maybe it's a bad light socket/connection, or a bad switch.

1987 Honda Civic fan sensor wired direct to lights battery dead why?

maybe it's wired on the wrong side of the switch

How do you wire a light switch?

A light switch breaks one half of the circuit to the light. "CODE" says to break the black wire. I usually break the white since this is the ground and should have less chance of a shock from a bad switch. Since it is only half the circuit if you are replacing a switch it does not matter which wire goes to which terminal on the switch. This applies to a single pole switch. A double or triple switch is something else. If a light that turn on from only one place is a single. If it turns on from 2 places, two doorways into a room or top and bottom of stairs it is a two way switch and it does matter how it is wired. Nothing will blow up, it simply will not work from both if wired wrong.

Why does my light stay on Even though I turn the switch off?


Why is the protection light on in my car amp?

something is wired up wrong or you overloaded the amp

Can a brake light switch be tested?

yes but i might be wrong

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First what is wrong with you headlight switch on your 93 topaz.

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The radio was wired wrong. Sounds like the hot wire for the radio was connected to the hot wire for the headlight switch.

What could be wrong if your swimming pool light goes on by itself?

You probably need to replace the light switch

Why won't your dashboard lights work after installing a new stereo?

you prob touched a bare earth. there is usually separate fuse for dash lights check them all should be a 10 amp fuse I had the same problem what was wrong with me is when it was wired up the person had a wire wired up wrong and everytime i would turn my light on it blew a fuse, check and make sure the wires are wired up right.

What is wrong if the brake light is constantly on in a 1992 crown Victoria?

Normally this is an indication of a defective brake light switch.

What is wrong with your 91 Suburban the brake light comes on intermittently?

Check the brake light switch. It is defective or out of adjustment.

Just Replaced the factory Radio but dash lights will not dim what did you do wrong?

the iso plug (black connectors) are wired up wrong, it has given the light circuit a constant live

Chevy truck starts but wont turn off?

ignition switch wired wrong . wire from coil hooked to hot post instead of switched post

When pressing highlight low light comes on but does not stay on I have to hold the switch to keep it on. What am I doing wrong?

When I press my highlight the low light comes on but does not stay on and I have to hold the switch to keep it on.

Why would the brake lights and dash go out when the headlights are turned on a 1989 Honda Prelude?

It may be wired wrong.

Warning light switch is not working find part?

Take it to a mechanic and see if they know what is wrong.

What would cause clock light on stereo to stay on?

wired wrong as in constant flow most likely the red .. aka wire connected to the main power supply ... check your wire guide or install directions

What could be wrong with a kia 2005 sedonna when the brake light and the charge light stay on?

try replacing brake light switch sounds like you have a short in it

What would be wrong with the airconditoning on a 1993 geo metro if the compressor is good and it is fully charged has to be hot wired to have the clutch engage?

If the unit cools when it is hot-wired, look for a bad a/c relay.

Have replaced the right tail light assembly due to brake light not working now since installing the new light the left side brake light won't work and all bulbs are good What is wrong?

there is a switch located under the dash located on the top of your break peddle check it for power on both sides i would just change the switch

What is wrong if the stoplights don't work but the tail lights and rear signal lights work and the stop light light bulbs have been replaced and the fuses checked?

brake light switch bad check for continuity at the fuse then the switch, but yeah bad switch. Kongkit Raggan-Supatanampon

Why would your car stereo break and start to smell like its burning when you are trying to install a system?

wired up wrong

When using the remote for a Hunter fan-light the light will not turn on-off using the remote-it will turn on-off using the wall switch but the fan will turn on-off using the remote Any ideas?

The fan is wired to the house wrong. Typically the red switch wire in the ceiling box will be nutted off and not used when a remote is installed. Sounds like, in this case, the fan light wire (blue) was connected to the red switch wire in the ceiling box instead of being correctly connected to the remote unit at the fan.