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You are a part owner of a asset that has had an attachment put onto it in your sons name. Depending on how much is owed, they may start with dispersment of items with in home to satisfy debt or take into consideration the equity in the home and for payment that way. Either way your son should contact them to make arrangements the best way he can for repayment, it can get ugly and you could wind up homeless. If you son has a job then see if creditor will garnish wages instead putting lien on home. The magic words were "mother and son" and you didn't explain why another son's creditors would have a lien put on the house. Unless the other son is part owner of the house then there is no way a lien can be put on your home, but, if you are talking about all sons being co-owners of the property then the above advice is correct. To put it more simply if son #1 and you are in co-ownership and son #2 isn't, but owes debts then there is no way creditors can put a lien on your home. I suggest you also seek the advice of a lawyer.

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Are kids responsible for mothers bills if she has no estate?

Generally, mother's estate is responsible for her debts. If there is no estate her creditors are out of luck.

Your Husband was executor of his Mothers will he died who is the executor now?

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Who is liable for your mothers hospital bills if there is no will?

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As a son are you responsible for your mothers rest home balanceshe has no estate?

Unless you signed a contract agreeing to be responsible, your mother's estate is responsible for her debts. If she has no estate then her creditors are out of luck.

Will you be responsible for your mothers outstanding dept if she died without any assets?

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