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Yes a lease is still a commisionable transaction. Most car salesman are 10-30% paid on the gross profit of the vehicle which is anywhere from 100-4000$

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If a Slaes Rep get a customer approved to lease a car Do that Sales Rep still get commission?

Yes the sales rep would get commission on the transaction because a lease is a commissionable transaction. Sales reps also get commission if a customer finances a car through the dealership.

Is sales commission an expense or cost of sales?

Sales commission is a Cost of sales. But the salary of a sales agent is an expense.

Is sales commissions a fixed or variable cost?

Sales Commission varies with volume of sales that's why it is a variable cost as much the sales as much the sales commission, high sales high sales commission and vice versa.

What is average commission for outside food and beverage sales?

What is average sales commission percentage rate for training sales?

Should you share your sales commission?

Sales commission is earned for selling a product of the company. If you have done all the hard work by yourself, you should not share the sales commission. However; if someone has helped you to achieve those sales, split the commission according to their input.

What is the average staff turnover in commission sales positions?

I am not sure if it is easy to lease a small business, i say that it is but here is some websites for that

Is commission applied before or after sales tax?

Commission would be apply to the sales price, which does not include tax.

What is typical sales commission on kitchen cabinets?

There is no such thing as a typical sales commission on anything. This is something that has to be determined between sales person and company hiring the sales person to make sales.

What is average sales commission for training sales?

What is average sales commission percentage rate for training sales?

Average outside sales commission?

The average outside sales commission varies depending on the job you have and what you are selling. An average commission is around 10 percent.

What is the sales commission based upon?

The total value of sales made. The commission is a percentage of that amount, paid to the salesman.

Is commission paid on net sales or net profit?

Commission is paid on sales basis and not on profit basis but if it is written in agreement that commission will be on profit basis then it can be paid on profit basis otherwise it is on sales basis.

What is the average jewelry sales commission?

jewelry sales associate

What is average sales commission for sales?

I think it depands on each company's policy. I have a friend he works at this franchise sports shoes store in the Mall and he said he got paid hourly as sales + 1% sales commission. I was very shocked when hearing the sales commission, its so low, but i guess this is how it is.

What is commission on sales?

Commission on sales is when the worker earns money based on how much they sell of a product or something for a specific company. The pay could be all commission, or could be a combination of salary+commission or maybe even hourly+commission.

Is commission manufacturing overhead cost?

No -- commission is Sales overhead cost.

Is the percent of total sales paid as commission to a salesperson?

Commission rate

Total sales 13600 commission rate 2.75?

Commission: $374.00

How to spell commission?

The correct spelling is commission.Some example sentences are:I will commission a family painting.He makes a lot of commission from his sales.

How does level of sales benefit the customer?

the level of sales beneifits the customer by the following ways

What is a reasonable sales commission?


What is indent sales?

Indent sale means e.g. that a merchant acts as an agent/distributor for the producer, which remunerates him with a commission. In this type of sale the merchant invoices the customer.

What is the rate of commission if totals sales are 600 and you received 72?

You are receiving 12 dollars per $100 in sales, or a 12% commission.

Is sales commission a current liability or an expense?

If sales commission is payable in future time then it is current liability but if it is paid already then it is expense.

Who is entitled to a sales commission sales rep or person who made the sale?


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