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They have legal rights to be able to retrieve their possessions. You can contact an attorney through Legal Aid to help you with this if you need the law on your side.

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Yup! She got kicked out of her own house by her parents... I think it was because she was showing nude pictures of herself and her parents kicked her out but not forever obviously. She got kicked out like for a week and she went to sleep to a friend's house (Mandy). That's why miley wrote the song: I'm just a girl. =) Hope this helps! XD

You can get kicked out of your house at the age of 17 in the state of Wyoming. Your parents can kick you out no matter what age even if it is considered neglect or abandonment.

Once someone turns 18, they are legally an adult, and can legally be kicked from their parents home.

no it is not legal anywhere. i thought that was common knowledge

In the US, a survey done on 1468 mothers ages 14-17yo showed that 45,8% were kicked out by their parents or guardians.

No, in Michigan your parents are responsible for you until you are 18 years old.

If a 16 year old gets kicked out of his parents house, they can inform the police. Parents are not allowed to legally kick a minor out of the home.


Yep at 18 you are adult and they are no longer responsible for you..

no its a parents responsiblility to keep their child under their supervtion(in the house) its the law

Yes. No one has any rights to control over a child but the parents. Unless they were stripped of those rights by the government, or a legal guardian was chosen by the parents.

i think you get kicked out of the house at 16 or 18 in Scotland

yes his parents kicked him out of the house because he dropped out and lived in his car until his parents knew he actually had a goal in life. Bye! :D -- When Christofer was 16, he explained everything: he had started smoking, he lost his virginity, he started using drugs - and to top it off, he dropped out of highschool to persue a career in the musical industry. His parents kicked him out. He lived in his car, on his buddie's couches, for a couple months until his parents finally realized that he would succeed.

Fez lives with his host parents, but they soon kick him out of the house. then Erics mom lets him stay at their house. then he finds a place and Jackie gets kicked out of her house so she moves in with fez.

No you can not. You will need parental consent in getting that license. Your parents will have to sign off on the paperwork. Driving is a privilege not a right. Check with the laws in the state that you are from and good luck.

After her parents kicked her out of the house she lived with Finn When Finn found out the kid wasn't his, she moved in with Mercedes and that's the last we heard from any one

House contents insurance provides insurance coverage for the possessions in your house in case of fire, theft or other damages. If you have a lot of things or your possessions are worth a lot of money you should have this type of insurance.

Unless you fear that your parents will kick you out of the house, you shouldn't hide from them. Living a life in the closet is no life. The stress and depression will be intense. If you do think you will be disowned and kicked out of the house, the best thing to do is avoid the subject completely at home until you are old enough to move out.

the 17 year old can emancipate (idk if that's spelled right) himself so he can be on his own, and you can just keep him in your house and stuffs because his parents don't want him

They are not allowed to kick you out as long as you are a minor. They still have to provide for you.Added: It depends on the age of majority in your particular state. Not all states have the same age.

Richard Nixon got kicked out of the white house because he was doing thing that is not suppose to be done he was selling drugs with people from out of the UnitedStates.