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If an above ground pool collapses does homeowners insurance cover it?

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Above ground pools should be considered "Other Structures" under Coverage B of the homeowners policy. They don't have to be attached permanently--look up the definition of "structures" in the dictionary. But some insurers insist they're personal property, so check with your company. The following provision is the real problem: "loss to a...swimming not included..unless the loss is a direct result of the collapse of a building...." If your policy contains that wording (usually found in the Additional Coverages section), you probably won't be covered for many common causes of collapse. Finally, note that homeowners policies are not created equal--they differ from company to company, so be sure to read the fine print. '

2014-07-12 13:26:05
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Could I put in a claim to my homeowners insurance company if my above ground pool collapsed?

You can claim an insurance loss for an above-ground pool only if it was covered by the terms of your insurance policy. Check with your insurance agent.

Does homeowners insurance cover damage to the home caused by collapse of above ground pool?

yes it does.

Will homeowners insurance pay for damage to an above ground swimming pool?

Depends on HOW the damage occurred. Your above ground pool is normally covered as 'personal property' under your homeowners policy for the listed perils. See Coverage C- Personal Property for the list of covered losses.

Does Homeowners insurance cover water damage from sprinklers soaking through walls?

As long as the water entered above the ground surface level.

Are above ground pools covered by homeowners insurance from hurricane damage?

Yes. Hurricane damage is a covered cause on a homeowners policy. The above ground pool is covered under the other structures section of the policy which means there is coverage. It will be paid on the ACV or actual cash value basis and not replacement cost. Read your policy to make sure but I am quite sure about this.

What is formed when rock above a cave collapses it forms a?

When rock above a cave collapses, a sinkhole is formed.

Does insurance pay for above ground pools when they are damaged as a result of frost in the ground going too deep because of lack of snow thus shifting the pool walls and liner?

Typically your above ground pool is covered as 'personal property' under your homeowners policy. Personal property is limited to coverage for a specifically listed number of 'perils' in your policy. I dont believe you will find a listed peril that this loss description would fall under. I CAN TELL YOU FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE AN ABOVE THE GROUND POOL WOULD NOT BE COVERED BY FROST OR MOVEMENT OF THE WATER OR ICE. THE ONLY TWO WAYS THAT AN ABOVE THE GROUND POOL WOULD BE COVERED BY A HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE POLICY ARE AS FOLLOW: 1. A RIDER WAS PURCHASED JUST FOR THE POOL AT AN ADDITIONAL COST, PRIOR TO THE LOSS. 2. DAMAGE DUE TO VANDALISM.

Do you really need a fence for above ground pools?

Only if you want insurance.

Above Ground Pool Decks?

An above-ground pool can be a great choice for many homeowners and their families. When installing a raised deck for an above-ground pool, there are several important things to remember. It's essential to make sure that a raised deck can be connected to the lip of an above-ground pool. In some cases, an above-ground pool may be a separate structure from a deck. This can be a serious tripping hazard for people entering a pool.

What do you have to have to not make insurance go up if you have an above ground pool?

A fence around the pool

Will home owners insurance cover above ground swimming pool damage?

Homeowners policies are not all the same; you can include an above ground swimming pool in such a policy, but the policy will have to state that this coverage is included. Normally, a home owners policy only covers things that are inside the home, not things that are in the back yard. Read your policy, it will tell you what is covered. Or if you don't have a policy, you can get any kind of insurance you like - but everything you insure will add to the cost of your monthly premium.

Does home insurance cover damage to an above ground pool?

It depends on each individual insurance - always read the small print!

Can you get insurance on a house under construction?

Yes, Coverage is available under a builders risk policy. If your home is just going through remodel, it may be possible for homeowners insurance to continue during construction, if not you will have to purchase builders risk as mentioned above. Have your homeowners insurance agent confirm with the carrier, the same agent can probably do the builders risk policy for you.

How are caverns and sinkholes related?

Caves are underground. They are big long holes underground. Sometimes, for some unknown reason, the roof of the cave can no longer support the weight of the ground above it and the ground collapses down into the cave. The land sinks. It fills the hole. Where there was a cave, there is now solid ground. Where there was land, there is now a big hole. So, you have a sinkhole when the roof of a cave collapses.

If an above ground pool collapses and water leaks into your basement does homeowners insurance cover the water damage to the home?

I would say it all depends on your policy. I know that I just had an above ground pool collapse and the adjuster stated due to an "exclusion" in our policy that any damage created by water leaking and/or flooding from a pool is not covered. However, we asked about the pool itself being fixed as it could indeed be considered a structure as it is connected to our decking. The adjuster stated that they need a letter from a pool store that provides the reason why the pool imploded. Let's keep our fingers crossed for them to pay for the pool as it will be over $4,000 to replace!

When the rock above a cave collapses what does it form?

It is called weathering.

If you are renting a house and want to set up an above ground pool who's insurance needs to be notified the renters' or the home owners'?

The homeowners insurance would need notification.I would notify both cause actually both the renter and the owner can be at risk as far as liability. I would recommend increasing your liability limit to at least 300K if its not there already.

How do you beat level 18 on this the only level?

The ground collapses beneath you in this stage! Unfortunately, this makes the button inaccessible... fortunately, this means that you don't need it! stand above the exit and the ground will collapse under you and you'll land by the exit.

Which company offers the best rates for homeowners insurance?

As of 2013, the top three homeowners insurance companies that provide the best rates are as follows: Liberty Mutual, Amica (Auto Home Life), and Progressive. This above answer is way off base (Progressive only offers homeowners using another partner company). It depends upon which part of the country you live in! The only way is to call the captive agents aka State Farm, Nationwide AND Independent Insurance Agents and ask them to shop it for you.

What companies are known for having affordable homeowners insurance?

Owning a home can be a headache in its self; trying to find the most affordable homeowner insurance can become a migraine. But fear not, homeowner: Allstateagent, Progressive, and Geico have you covered. The three insurance companies listed above are the most trusted insurance companies known worldwide.

Can a homeowner purchase an insurance policy to protect an above ground swimming pool from winter damage or can a rider be attached to their current homeowner's insurance policy?

Depending on the insurance company, you may be able to acquire "Collapse of Above-Ground Pool" endorsement. Which covers exactly what it says, the collapse of the above ground pool Check with your agent. The coverage is not cheap either. Here in Chicagoland, about 250 / year SJ I think ours is simply a rider policy. Ours is included in the hurricane coverage!

What is umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance is an alternative security that offers extra coverage of liability beyond that of the homeowners or car insurance policy. Your home or auto plans kick in first if the unexpected occurs and you are sued, and your umbrella insurance protects the excess until the limits have been hit.

What does a normal home insurance cover?

A standard homeowners' insurance policy will cover damage to the interior or exterior of the house as well as damage or loss to personal belongings. However their exists a variety of home insurance options so what you are covered for may be more of less than stated above.

Does an above ground pool increase homeowner insurance rates?

It usually does not increase the rates of a homeowners policy but it does increase the requirements on your part. For instance, you will be required to have a fence of at least 4 feet high completely surrounding the poll and a lockable gate that is childproof (meaning you have to reach over the gate to unlock the gate).

What is a circuler depression formed when the roof of a cave collapses?

Shakehole or Sinkhole - when the collapse extends to the surface. (Not all cave roof collapses disturb the surface above.)