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Perhaps you turned on the interior lights when you were adjusting the headlights?

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Q: If door switch is not the problem why does dome light stay on?
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Dome light is on after door is closed?

The dome light switch on the dash is on.

How do you make dome light come on when door opens?

Put the dome light switch on door located on the headliner to the side of the light

Why would the dome light in a 1996 Dodge Neon come on when the headlight switch is used but not when the doors are open?

The door jamb switch normally completes the power circuit to the dome lamp when the door is open. When the door is closed the switch opens the circuit, removing power from the dome light. If the switch is dirty, defective, stuck pushed in, or disconnected from the wiring, when the door is open the switch does not close the circuit and the dome light remains off as if the door is still closed. The headlight switch provides an "alternate path" to close the same circuit and allow power to the dome light. I had the same problem on a 1997 Chevy C1500 pickup truck.

Why wont your inside dome lightgo out when you shut the door?

A door switch may be broken or out of adjustment or the dome light switch on the dash is turned on.

What if the inside dome light on your 1999 Chevy Prism does not work when you open the doors but works manually if you turn the switch either way How do you fix this problem?

Check Your Door Switch, When You Open The Door The Switch That Is In The Door Jam, It May Be Stuck, Or Bad. Open Your Door Press The Switch Several Times To See If The Dome Light Comes On. It Also Could Be Bad. This Will Cause This Problem Also. Good Luck

Where is light switch tha turns on dome light inside a 1999 ford f150?

The door light switch are inside the door locks compartment. If your having problem with the dome lights staying on. Spray WD-40 on all the door locks this will fix the problem. I had the same problem on my 98 Ford Expedition XLT did the WD-40 trick about 3 years ago and still no problems.

On 2004 Dodge Dakota where is the dome light switch on door?

The door ajar switch is part of the latch inside the door.

Where is dome light switch in the door of dodge stratus 2005?

The door ajar switch is part of the latch, inside the door.

Whats the easiest way to replace the dome light switch on the passenger side of a Chevy Tahoe?


What is wrong if the dome light stays on?

You possibly have a shorted or broken switch on one of your doors. These work by earthing out when a door is openedThe manual dome light switch is on.More than likely it is the door switch. The switch is located in the door latch and the door panel must be removed to service.

How do you disable the rear dome light from turning on when the door opens?

By pass the door mode. The Dome light should have a 3 way switch OFF - Door open on - Constant on Move the switch to the off mode, and light should not come on when door is opened.

Where is the dome light switch in the door of a 2001 f350?

on the side of the dash

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