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You are still liable. As soon as the bank either auctions or sells the car, you will be responsible for the deficit (remaining) balance. Most times, the auto is not sold for the amount due on the loan plus repossessionfees, storage fees and transfer of title fees etc.

The faster you take care of the balance, the faster it will show up on your credit as paid. If you don't do anything, anc neither does the bank--it will remain on your credit for as long as the statute of limitationsin your state. Check this link for your state:

Take note!!!, the bank can get a judgment if they haven't already--they can garnishee your wages and/or yourtax returns to get their money back. It would be best if you call and make some kind of arragements now.

2011-09-12 21:32:05
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Your vehicle was repossessed and sold at the auction after the fees you still owe 292 how will this reflect on your credit IF you pay it off?

It will show as paid or satisfied.

In NC what can be done if lender refuses to negotiate bal due on repossessed auto if they want 20000 for auto worth 10000?

not much, basically your hands are tied. when you pruchased the vehicle and signed a contract it was probably stated in there that if the vehicle is repossessed it will be sold at auction and the balance/credit of the debt is the responsibility of the purchaser

Can a vehicle be repossessed if you allowed a military person to take over vehicle payments and he has not paid anything?

it doesn't matter if the pope takes over your vehicle payments. if he stops making them, your credit is damaged and the vehicle is repossessed.

As a cosigner can you have a vehicle repossessed without affecting the cosigner credit rating?


Is it still possible to get your vehicle back after the repo has occurred?

In Canada the answer is yes if it is repossessed by a bank (or credit institution). Any car that is re-possessed by a bank or credit company has to be put up for auction. You can always get your vehicle back if you pay whatever arrears you owe the bank as well as the the fees that the bank had to pay to the repo company before it is sent to the auction house. However, you do need to act quickly. I have never heard of anyone getting their vehicle back once it is up for auction (and in Canada the auction companies used by banks are only open to car dealers).

Can your car be repossessed for credit card debt?

Unless the credt card company is the lienholder on your vehicle, no.

What bad things go on your credit history if a vehicle is repossessed?

Slow pay, repo, and it gets worse from there.

How long does the credit company have to make a claim for repayment on a repossessed vehicle?

Possibly up to 7 years.

After you buy a repossessed car does it stay marked as repossessed as long as it is driven even though it is paid off?

The car isn't damaged, the debtor's credit rating is. There is no permanent record of the car as a repossessed vehicle like there is for a salvaged title.

How do you purchase a credit union of atlanta repossessed car?

Get a car dealers license and go to Manhiem Metro Atlanta Auto Auction in College Park, GA.

Can they make you pay after they have repossessed your car. you are on disability?

they can try - usually they repo and sell vehicle at auction - then sue you for the difference. If you have no income then essentially explain that to them or a lawyer if applicable. Chances are they will drop the issue and just stick it on your credit report as a repo and negative write off.

What happens to your credit when your car is repossessed?

You end up with HORRIBLE credit if you don't pay your bills and you let your possessions get repossessed.

If you're married and your husband's car is soley in his name and was repossessed will it show on your credit as repossessed?

No, because you have your own separate credit report.

Can a credit report show settlement then repossession on the same vehicle?

A credit report is a record of all transations on a reported account. In the life of a vehicle loan, many things can happen. Over the typical four to five years, the vehicle may have been repossessed and then redeemed and paid off. In these cases, yes, repossession and settlement can show on the same vehicle, on the same credit report.

Is the cosigner of a vehicle liable if the it gets repossessed?

Yes. That is the point of the lender asking for a cosigner. The cosigner will have a repossession showing on their credit as well as the primary lender.

What happens to your credit after a car is repossessed?

Normally your credit is ruined for 7 years.

Can you be sued over the balance of a vehicle that has been voluntarily repossessed over three years ago when the repossession is on your credit report?

yes it has a 10 year limit

If you already have 1 car repossessed does having a 2nd repossessed hurt your credit even more?


How does it affect your credit or obligation if your repossessed vehicle was stolen from the lienholder?

The repo will effect your credit. The judgment the lender will get will effect your obligation to pay the deficiency balance. the letter wont effect anything UNLESS the car WAS stolen.

If your car's repossessed and they take it to an auction do you have to pay anything and how long will it be on your credit?

You dont HAVE to pay anything. You may not get credit in the future because you dont pay. It will be on your CR usually for 7 years. Depending on where you live, if the lender gets a judgement, they could garnishee your wages.

How do I go about small business auto loans?

If you are asking about obtaining a business vehicle loan then the answer is simple. You need to establish business credit to apply under. To build business credit start your research by googling and pick out a company that can help you with that.

Can a motorcycle purchased on credit card be repossessed?

A motorcycle that was paid for on a credit card can not be repossessed considering the credit card company paid the dealer. You must pay the card company back though or they can take you to court.

How bad does it affect the cosigner's credit if the borrower has the car voluntarily repossessed?

It has the same effect on the credit.

How do you find out if your car is going to be repossessed in Arizona?

If you are more than 1 payment behind rest assure it will be repossessed. The way to prevent this is to catch up on your payments ASAP. Default on the loan agreement you signed, and they will repossess the vehicle. They will then sell the vehicle and you will pay the difference in what the vehicle sells for and the balance left on the loan. They will sue you for the balance, and you will pay. Your credit will then be ruined for 7 years. Avoid this if there is any way possible. Talk to the lender and see if something can be worked out. You do not want the car repossessed.

If you were going to sell a car that was repossessed is it better to get it back and sell or let it go?

It will be far better for your credit if you pay it off and sell it. When THEY sell it they are more than happy to sell it at auction for a loss then turn to you to make up the difference. It can mess up your credit for a long time.