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If the cable for the the hood broke or came loose on a 1998 Dodge full size pickup how can you get the hood open?


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2015-07-16 18:05:30
2015-07-16 18:05:30

i dont know if this works on a Dodge pickup, but the same thing happened to my fathers Ford F250 and i was able to reach my hand through his grill (because im female and have small hands) and actually pull the primary release mecanism myself. my father on the other hand has to use a screwdriver as leverageto open it because his hands are too big to fit up there.

i a little bit at least!!

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if your latch just broke, use a vice grip. if the cable itself has snapped, it gets tricker. my 2nd cutlass's cable snapped. i had to lift and jerk the hood manually until it came loose.

If the speedometer doesn't work either, then the cable broke or came loose. Otherwise, the gears in the odometer broke.

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I have a 1999 Dodge 2500 4WD, and the answer is no. It's just stubborn. I used a breaker bar and 3ton jack to break it loose.

Depends on where it broke. Inside, you can get to the cable and pull the end with pliers. Half way, you should be able to reach the cable on the front of the radiator support, cut it and pull the cable. If the end at the latch broke, can you get the grill off and then take the latch loose or possible reach through with an extention and take the bolt out holding the latch.

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1) Check the battery cable connections. They should be clean & tight. 2) Check the connection at the starter. They should be clean & tight. A loose ground cable on the battery. Check ground cable on the starter.

neg cable bolted to the body of car.

Loose or corroded battery cable? Loose cable at starter? Bad starter? Bad starter solenoid? Bad or misadjusted clutch safety switch?

Check for a loose or corroded ground or battery cable Check for a loose or corroded ground or battery cable

That a cable with a primary function to the computer working properly is loose, thus impairing the computer's ability to work properly.

Check the electrical lead, under the dash, which goes to the ammeter. If this lead is loose or disconnected, it kills all power to the truck.

If it has a mechanical speedo,take the negative battery cable loose first then take the spedo housing loose from the speedo first then pull the cable out of the housing. Then take the housing loose at the bottom and remove the part of the cable that is twisted off. Get a new cable and install it with lots of cable lubricant. Then hook up the botton end then the top end of the housing. Hook up the neg battery cable

To fix a speedometer in a 91 Sunbird, check to ensure the cable has not come loose. If the cable has come loose, you will need to tighten it with a wrench.

A loose battery cable can cause no spark at the plugs, it can also cause your car not to start.Some newer cars need a min. 10 volts to run. Dirty cables can cause the same problem too.answerdefinetly yes a loose cable stops proper voltage getting to where it needs to be tighten cable and see if that fixes problem loose cable will also prevent proper recharging of battery

i had the same problem. the hood release is controlled by a cable. what i had to do was take off the cover by the driver side seat,grab the cable with a pair of vise gripps and pull the wire in the cable with a pair of pliers. it sounds crude but that's the only way to get the hood up. by the way,i would take it somewhere to get the cable's buried!!!!!

When he broke loose he was unfettered.

The cable is either broke or you may have a loose wire. The best way to handle this is to get a haynes manual from the parts store and read up on it.

first check your bulbs to see if they are loose or you might have some rust and its not getting agood connection,and check your fusible link,its tied into your positive battery cable.

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