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Not unless you purchased a warranty or something that said they had to. Just because you purchased a vehicle from someone/dealer doesn't make them responsible for your rental while yours is under repair.

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Q: If the car you just financed is hit by an uninsured car does the dealer have to give you a loaner?
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Does dealer have to give loaner car on recall under national traffic and safety act?

are dealers responsible for rental cars on a recall

How many miles between oil changes for e350?

About 10,000 miles, or one year. Whichever is sooner between oil changes. It's about $129 plus tax, and yes, that is about the same price at a MB dealer as a "oil change" place. Just go to the dealer, they will use Mobil 1, and maybe give you loaner car.

Can a dealer sell a car without an inspection sticker in Texas?

absolutely. i work at a BMW dealership and all of our new cars only have registration stickers on them. all of our loaner vehicles are the same way. most of the time, we give them the inspection as a courtesy when they purchase the vehicle, but we have the right to say "its the customer's responsibility"

Can an insured driver drive an uninsured?

uninsured what?? If it is drivable, of course, any driver can drive it if that driver is knowledgeable as to the mechanics and procedure needed to drive it. This is just one more question that is too vague to give a propper answer.

If you sign a finance agreement and now the bank wont finance you do you have to give the car back?

You have to look at the papers that you sign with the car dealer. Typically they make you sign an agreement to bring the car back in the event that they can not get you financed. If they did not have you sign something, then they will probably hold the note themselves and then you have to pay the car dealer. But the short answer is yes, you can not keep the car if you can not pay for it.

Will Toyota motor finance give loans to people who have bad credit?

Depends on how much is being financed and the amount of other debt. Some 500 beacons can be financed. below 500 is very tough.

How do you get the title to your Yamaha motorcycle after you pay it off?

Depends on who you financed your bike through. If you financed it through the actual motorcycle dealership than you should give them a call and ask for the title. Same thing goes for a bank.

What to do when your financed car breaks down?

When your financed car breaks down, you need to get it fixed so you can drive it and keep paying your loan at the same time. If you can't afford to get it fixed, you can give the car back to the finance company.

Can a GPS system locate a jeep dealer?

Of course a GPS system can locate a jeep dealer simply type in the address of the dealer into gps system and it will give you directions to the dealer.

What are after sales?

Is any kind of assistance does the vehicle manufacturer provided to a franchised dealer Is to give them information about the cars and products they want to give to the franchised dealer to sell them on, also to assist any problems they have which a car from the franchised dealer.

Can you sell a car back to the dealer if you can't keep up payments for a person who is incarcerated?

No. The dealer (or bank that financed it)technically owns the car til it's paid for. If it's become a hard-ship for you, simply give it back. It becomes a 'voluntary repossession' for the person incarcerated, but that sounds like the least of their problems. Good luck. FYI, a repo is going to damage the borrower's credit terribly.

When you buy a car from a dealer do they give you a license plate?

They give you a paper temp tag.

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