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They could have 10,000 writs but writs dont repo cars, recovery agents do. The amazing thing about writs are that if the debtor doesnt produce the car when served, they are then in contempt of a court order. Surely you know what that leads to. You see if a car is STOLEN, you report it to the police. That leaves a written report ,ect. for lenders/courts to see. If its not stolen, they figure you(the debtor) know where your car is. Logical, huh? If you loaned it to Aunt Sally, then you say Aunt Sally has the car at this address. One trail leads to the TRUTH and the car, the other to more and more lies. You pick the trail. You WONT drive this car for FREE. You arent the first one to play this game and neither are the lenders. Its fun for a bit but gets boring quickly. How much are you willing to pay ultimately for a car?? As the game progresses, you(the debtor) arent even driving it. Make the Payments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: If the creditor does not know where you are residing nor where the car is located do they get a writ of replevin or do they need first to have an idea where to serve the writ?
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The creditor must obtain a court order first.

If you file for chapter 7 bankruptcy and have the first meeting with the treasurer can you still add a creditor to the bankruptcy?

You should have no problems filing an amendment to add the creditor.

In Texas can a creditor come to your house?

Yes, in the state of Texas, a creditor can come right to your house if you owe debts. However, in other states, the creditor must first get court papers to just show up at your residence.

What happens when a creditor sends you a summond to go to court for a bad debt that was a bank loan. should i go to court or settle with the crediter?

better to settle with creditor first

Can wages be garnished by more than one judgment creditor at a time in North Carolina?

When a creditor garnishes your wages they can only take a certain percent. Then when another creditor comes along they cant garnish your wages to because the first one is already taking the maximum allowed.

Can my wages be garnished because of my wife's medical bills?

Wages can be garnished if the creditor wins a judgment against you. In order to so that, you must first be sued by the creditor. And the creditor must win the judgment in court. If you are sued, be sure to attend the court hearing and plead your case to prevent this from happening.

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Can you sue a creditor for not updateing my credit report after a payment was received?

Creditors update credit reports on their schedule, some update every month, others update every other or every third month. If you are in a hurry, contact the credit bureaus and have them contact the creditor themselves. You can sue a creditor, but you have to try contacting the creditor first (via mail), then file a complaint with the FTC, then contact the credit bureaus. If the account still hasn't been updated, you can go ahead and sue the creditor.

How long does it take before a creditor will freeze your bank accounts?

For the most part, creditors cannot do this; the creditor will have to obtain a judgement against you first giving them the right to do so. You'll be notified of the pending court case.

What are some creditor services that First Recovery Solutions collection agency offers?

Some creditor services that First Recovery Solutions collection agency offers include Medical Debt Collection, Third Party Debt Collection and NSF Check Collection. You can learn more at the First Recovery Solutions website.

What is the maximum percentage allowed for wage garnishment Virginia?

25% of disposable income with the first $154.50 (weekly based) being exempt from ganishment. This only applies to judgment creditor garnishment. Creditor garnisments can ony run consecutively. Creditor garnishment does not affect any support and/or spousal maintenance witholding actions. Therefore child support and/or spousal maintenance can run concurrently with a creditor garnishment.

Does the creditor have to get a court order each time they levy money out of an account once they took money out the first time?

It depends on the circumstance. If for the same account or debt then no, the creditor has the right to exercise said levy until restitution is made upon that debt. If there are multiple debts with the same creditor, each debt should carry its on legal action unless consolidated by court, or your personal agreement with the creditor.

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