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If the creditor does not know where you are residing nor where the car is located do they get a writ of replevin or do they need first to have an idea where to serve the writ?

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January 04, 2006 2:41AM

They could have 10,000 writs but writs dont repo cars, recovery agents do. The amazing thing about writs are that if the debtor doesnt produce the car when served, they are then in contempt of a court order. Surely you know what that leads to. You see if a car is STOLEN, you report it to the police. That leaves a written report ,ect. for lenders/courts to see. If its not stolen, they figure you(the debtor) know where your car is. Logical, huh? If you loaned it to Aunt Sally, then you say Aunt Sally has the car at this address. One trail leads to the TRUTH and the car, the other to more and more lies. You pick the trail. You WONT drive this car for FREE. You arent the first one to play this game and neither are the lenders. Its fun for a bit but gets boring quickly. How much are you willing to pay ultimately for a car?? As the game progresses, you(the debtor) arent even driving it. Make the Payments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!