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Absolutely. This is a technique dealers use to get you emotionally attached to the car. Take it home, show your friends. Then they tell you the loan is turned down, but they can get you approved at a higher rate. They think that since you already showed everyone your new car, you'll pay the higher rate.

Don't fall for it. Be prepared to bring the car back and go shop for a new deal.

Find out what car dealers don't want you to know at

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Q: If the dealer lets you take the car home but the loan is not approved can you back out of the deal?
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If you don't take a car home from the dealer do you still have to buy it?

If you signed a contract it is yours. You cannot back out unless the dealer agrees.

I have signed all contracts on my car and the dealer said that i was approved and i drove the car home sat. it is now Thursday and i am afraid that they are going to call and say come back. can they?

If the transaction was complete, which sounds like it was, they are not going to call you. You applied for the loan, it got approved, monies exchanged hands, you got the vehicle registered and insured and you have the car. Dont be a worry wort......

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Do you have to have insurance before you can take it home when you buy it from a dealer?

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Saturday i signed for a loan for a car drove the car home on monday my husband needs to sign the papers for the loan can we go back on the deal and get our down payment back?


If you purchase a car from a private dealer how will you get it home with out tags or even to get temp tags? put "private dealer". Is he a dealer or a Private Party? For the future it would help to know what state you are in. Not all states offer temp tags. The dealer made a sale. Ask him to drive it home for you with his dealer plates on. Better yet, you should insure and register it.

How many days do i have to take a car back to dealer in New York state if you do want the car?

Unless the sales contract states you a Right of Rescission, once the contract is signed by you and the dealer, it is binding. A right of rescission in a contract gives you a cooling-off period where you can walk away from the deal. It's normal for homeowners to have this right when they use home equity loans to tap the equity in their homes, but isn't standard fare on the purchase agreement for a automobile.

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