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Check the EGR solenoid or some sort of EGR sensor. Most cars have these nowadays.

could be bad wiring, sensor holder or pick up.

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Q: If the diagnostic says the EGR valve is bad but the light still comes on after it is cleaned what do you do next?
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The maf was replaced but check engine light is still on?

You need to reset the light by using diagnostic equipment even though the part was replaced the fault code will still be stored in the ECU memory.

Is there a button to reset the service engine soon light I just replaced the oxygen heat sensor 1 of 1 bank as the diagnostic said was the problem but it still lights up?

You have to clear the computer of the malfunction; Use the same diagnostic tool that read the code to clear the light.

Why would the antilock brake light come on?

Antilock Brake Light comes on and stays on when the ABS computer detects some problem with the antilock brakesystem components. You will still have normal brake use, but the Antilock system will probably not work as an Antilock brake system is supposed to work. ABS system diagnostic code readers are available and are recommended for diagnostic purposes, however fixing ABS systems is perhaps best left up to the Pros. . .

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Seat Ibiza ECP light - what does it mean?

Well, you could remove and replace the accalerator pedal, and reset the system with a diagnostic tool and software. Mechanic still ongoing.

Why is your check engine light still on if you already cleaned the EGR valve and the vacuum works?

The "Check Engine" light is a diagnostic indicator showing that the On Board Diagnostic computer has detected a problem and has saved the trouble code. You can get the trouble code from the OBD system using a special computer attachment. Most auto parts stores will get the trouble code for you for free (and be happy to sell you the part that would need to be replaced.) Check the trouble code to insure that it is referring to a flow issue. If the electrical system is at fault, consult your service manual for the proper test.

How do you turn off the service light on a 1997 ford fairmont?

All vehicles since 1996 have OBDII (On Board Diagnostics II) built in. the "check engine" or "service" light is part of the OBD system that indicates a failure code is in the on board computer. the light is turned off by clearing the memory using an OBD scan tool (plugs into the diagnostic port). If the light comes back on, the fault is still present and will need to be diagnosed and repaired.

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